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[[left margin note]] [[red underline]] Contrary to what Whitaker says, Ripper [[/red underline]] maintains that a certain amount of [[red underline]] thiourea [[/red underline]] is necessary for giving more temperature margin and better control in molding than if urea is used alone [[/left margin note]]
of which he had read in publications. Then enticed [[red underline]] Weger [[/red underline]] (in my room). I spoke of our tests of [[strikethrough]] Cyan [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] Dicyandiamid Ripper [[/red underline]] patents, [[strikethrough]] showed [[/strikethrough]] gave him report and sample for his examination. He will report in a day or two. [[red underline]] Ripper positively asserts that contrary to our belief a certain amount of thiourea [[/red underline]] is very beneficial, nay [[strikethrough]] indisp [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] indispensable [[/red underline]] for obtaining best results with [[red underline]] Urea. [[/red underline]] 
Says also that [[red underline]] Dicyandiamid [[/red underline]] is not so good for molding powders but is [[red underline]] best for laminated. [[/red underline]] 
Says [[red underline]] "preforming" of molding powders of Urea or Urea + Thiourea is possible now,[[/red underline]] but at some sacrifice of flowing qualities. Later on [[red underline]] Henri Molinari [[/red underline]] told me that in Italy, they were preforming successfully and had found that the [[red underline]] tablets should have curved surfaces [[/red underline]] 
[[image: drawing showing side view of tablet with curved top and bottom surfaces]] instead of flat, [[image: drawing showing side view of tablet with flat top and bottom surfaces]] thus enabling the more uniform spreading and heating during descent of press plunger.
[[red underline]] Ripper [[/red underline]] tells me he will write a report about our samples, tests and opinions.
As to [[red underline]] Childs, [[/red underline]], he told me he had [[red underline]] corresponded with him [[/red underline]] and showed me his different copies of correspondence; Childs declining [[strikethrough]] and gives [[/strikethrough]] his offer and the various reasons for doing so
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Evidently this matter was not submitted to Whitaker.
[[underline]] June 24 [[/underline]] Wrote to [[red underline]] George that Revolite [[/red underline]] for Germany is important. 
Rain - rain - rain since several days
[[underline]] June 25 Sunday. [[/underline]] Busy day writing . Evening drove to [[red underline]] Ripper's [[/red underline]] house for a cold supper. Pleasant talk. Tells me on leaving that next year if I return he will no longer be in Berlin, but back in Vienna. Also [[red underline]] told me Vredenburg has offered [[/red underline]] him a permanent position in U.S. but he will not be tied and wants to continue being his own master and work in his lab with this wife.
[[left margin note in red]] U.S. Dollar sinking [[/left margin note in red]]
[[underline]] June 26. [[/underline]] The [[red underline]] Dollar [[/red underline]] value is [[red underline]] sinking almost daily,[[/red underline]] here, as well as in England, France, etc. European countries who want to protect the gold standard and England seem to be more worried about it than people in the U.S. 
[[red underline]] Stocks in U.S. are going higher [[/red underline]] steadily and [[red underline]] almost all have recovered [[/red underline]] above what they were about a year ago. Heady reports also that [[red underline]] business is improving [[/red underline]] in all branches. [[red underline]] Cotton [[/red underline]] and wheat & copper higher. 
[[red underline]] Weger & Sachs [[/red underline]] consent that if B.G. do not want [[red underline]] Scandinavian patents Bakelite Ltd can have them,[[/red underline]] provided this does not act detrimentally to Germany.
[[red underline]] Sachs is more nervous [[/red underline]] and more careworn [[red underline]] than ever; [[/red underline]] tells me the following story:
Bakelite Gesellschaft has filed an infringement suit against the [[red underline]] Novak [[/red underline]] Co. on the lime-patent Novak as a counter trust is now utilising the [[red underline]] present Hitler-Nazzi conditions against Bakelite [[/red underline]] Gesell-
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