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[[left margin in red]] Low rate of dollar [[/left margin in red]]
Tea and rolls, butter and marmelade 8 frcs. Mailed a [[red underline]] letter to Potter concerning situation [[/red underline]] political in [[strikethrough]] Germ [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] Berlin [[/red underline]] and troubles resulting for [[red underline]] Sachs and Bakelite. [[/red underline]] Did not mail the letter in Germany not desiring to be spied about by Nazis. 
[[red underline]] N.Y. Herald, [[/red underline]] Paris Edition, which here in Europe [[red underline]] gives more and better reliable news to Americans than European papers [[/red underline]] announces [[red underline]] further drop of the value of the Dollar [[/red underline]] together with increased quotations of American stocks in N.Y. Exchange. Went to [[red underline]] Guaranty Trust Co [[/red underline]] to draw some French money. [[strikethrough]] was [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] 50$ [[/red underline]] worth of French paper was given me at the [[red underline]] low rate of 19 francs to the Dollar! 
[[left margin in red]] Roosevelt [[/left margin in red]]
General demoralization at Business conference in London, every country blaming Roosevelt and  America [[/red underline]] American advisers and [[red underline]] representatives of Roosevelt, demoralized and not agreeing amongst themselves and peeved at Roosevelt [[/red underline]] declining to endorse their recommendations 
N.Y. Times as well as Herald Tribune and Walter Lipmann all criticizing the President, but [[red underline]] people at home seeming to endorse him [[/red underline]] Roosevelt was cruising with his sons in Maine on his 46 ft schooner, taking a vacation. I note that [[red underline]] all waiters at hotel speak German [[/red underline]] [[black and red underline]] among themselves [[/black and red underline]] and also speak French and English. Same among the higher employers. Noted same at the old restaurant "Escargot"
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When I remarked this to the manager of the restaurant he tried to deny this, saying the place was run by same management and personel as before. I though first that the waiters were [[red underline]] Swiss or Alsacian but the German they spoke among themselves was too good [[/red underline]] and correct in pronunciation for Swiss or Alsations. Noted [[red underline]] American flags [[/red underline]] along French on several prettie buildings also on some business houses. - as a salute to the [[red underline]] Fourth of July. [[/red underline]]
The old same contingent in every restaurant [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] or hotel [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] of [[red underline]] women waiting for "customers" [[/red underline]] and sitting for hours [[red underline]] spying [[/red underline]] for one [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] to come along.
The boulevards crowded as ever and the same set of people sitting for hours sipping their cup of coffee or glass of beer on the sidewalks before the cafés or restaurants and hotels. [[red underline]] What a difference with New York! [[/red underline]]
[[underline]] July 5. [[/underline]] Up early for departure. 9AM [[strikethrough]] Fro [[/strikethrough]] Special train for Havre pretty well filled. Arrived Havre about noon. "Champlain" tied along dock. [[strikethrough]] No other ships, ther [[/strikethrough]] alone. - [[red underline]] Docks quite a distance of City. [[/red underline]]
Steamer is new and makes good impression. [[red underline]] More intelligently constructed than "Île de France" [[/red underline]] and none of the decorative and architectural [[strikethrough]] atrocities [[/strikethrough]] and "nouveau art" atrocities of the ^[[SS.]] "Île de France." My room is small but comfortable and [[strikethrough]] alth shower a [[/strikethrough]] altho' shower

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