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bath room and W.C. are outside they are easily accessible. 
There are         274 1st class passengers
[[red underline]] --- [[/red underline]] 
                  106 Tourist [[passengers]]
[[red underline]] --- [[/red underline]] 
                   52 Third class
Mostly have French or Latin names, with quite a number of [[red underline]] Jews, [[/red underline]] also some [[red underline]] Russians [[/red underline]] and a fair sprinkling of Americans. Found a [[red underline]] telegram from [[/red underline]] Berlin signed [[red underline]] Weger Sachs Stauss [[/red underline]] - good [[red underline]] wishes [[/red underline]] also one from [[red underline]] Molinari Basso and Potter [[/red underline]] and a letter from [[red underline]] Kingsbury [[/red underline]] 
[[underline]] July 6. [[/underline]] 
[[note in left margin in red]] Mali [[/left margin in red]]
Weather has been fair and mild thus far. I found [[red underline]] J. T. Mali, hon. consul of Belgium [[/red underline]] aboard. He is my only acquaintance thus far. His conversations impress me very favorably. He [[red underline]] carries the spirit of his deceased father who was [[/red underline]] one of my good friends. Young Mali [[red underline]] altho' a business man is remarkably well informed [[/red underline]] on technical matters and his opinions show broadness and good judgement.
[[underline]] July 7. [[/underline]] The daily journal issued aboard brings us very scant news. It is printed weeks in advance and is not even dated. In it are inserted a few lines of unimportant events referring mainly to Tennis and Football news a few quotations of Stocks. The remainder are ads and rehashed articles copied from publications. - There is [[red underline]] no attempt of radio [[strikethrough]] comm [[/strikethrough]] broadcasting [[/red underline]] neither from Europe nor America. In this respect the [[red underline]] "Manhattan" was much more alive [[/red underline]]
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[[underline]] July 8. [[/underline]] Slightly foggy. Same Westerly breeze.- We have been making an average of 18½ knots which is [[red underline]] 2 knots less than SS. Manhattan. 
[[note in left margin in red]] Roosevelt's plan [[/left margin in red]]
[[/red underline]] Our Journal announces that contrary to what was expected, the [[red underline]] London Conference [[/red underline]] has not disbanded and [[red underline]] seems disposed to carry out Roosevelts plan [[/red underline]] not to discuss stabilization of currency values but to make a program of subjects which can be discussed independently of the stabilization of Dollar values.
Also report from U.S. of increasing activities in Electrical and Steel Industries and resulting [[red underline]] higher quotations of securities. [[/red underline]]
[[underline]] July 9 [[/underline]] (Sunday) Just as on SS. Manhattan, an [[red underline]] altar of Roman Catholic mass [[/red underline]] is put up in the large meeting room and attracts some of the passengers. Here the Orchestra furnishes Mass music. Same [[strikethrough]] Westerlies [[/strikethrough]] Westerlies and cloudy skies. Now and then low fog & fog horn - slack wind. [[strikethrough]] [[underline]] July 10 [[/underline]] Clearer and light Westerlies [[/strikethrough]]
This afternoon [[red underline]] 3 boxing bouts [[/red underline]] of 3 minutes each between [[red underline]] amateurs. Then a fencing bout [[/red underline]] between a young [[strikethrough]] Levantine [[/strikethrough]] levantine prince and a Frenchman, then concert and cinema. [[strikethrough]] Foghorn, low lying fog. [[/strikethrough]]
[[underline]] July 10. [[/underline]] Mild and smooth. Evening ball but went to bed before
[[underline]] July 11. [[/underline]] Opened that bottle of 1911 Niersteiner Riesling Auslese from the Rathskeller of Bremen [[red underline]] which von Vietinghoff gave me in Berlin. [[/red underline]] - Excellent! it will last until my arrival in New York.
[[underline]] July 12 [[/underline]] Arrived at New York at 8 A.M. prompt examination of my baggage. Was

Transcription Notes:
Thunians = middle eastern??? Thun is a Swiss Canton I read it as Thussians - possibly Tunisians? None of the above. It's Russians.

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