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[[vertical notation in left margin in red]] Men of our finance com unfit [[/left margin in red]]
after conversation with George and Hays. we concluded to entrust our investment fund to the management of a reliable Fiduciary concern. Past experience has proved that [[red underline]] our men of finance committee are seldom in accord [[/red underline]] as to action and when to take it. - Hence experience delays and half-hearted work nobody daring to take action [[red underline]] Sanford Brown [[/red underline]] has been in the [[red underline]] hospital for several weeks [[/red underline]] and had to undergo painful operation for cutting out several large boils on his back. Is now returning to his apartment but will be incapacitated for a considerable time to come.
[[underline]] July 19. [[/underline]] Called up [[red underline]] Buffum of Chemical Foundation [[/red underline]] who is in Chicago to acquaint him with fact that Herbert Dow strongly advocates that [[red underline]] Garvin or Chemical Foundation [[/red underline]] should take the lead in framing the new "Code" for Chemical Industries [[strikethrough]] as [[/strikethrough]] [[Fearns Amund?]] Chemical Mfrs Association less desirable etc. Other hand [[red underline]] Elon Hooker [[/red underline]] on advice of Henry Howard thinks it better plan to [[strikethrough]] rese res [[/strikethrough]] awaken the "Chemical Alliance which was formed during the war and never has been abolished. Buffum advises me to write to [[red underline]] Mitchell Palmer [[/red underline]] in Washington. I telephoned to [[red underline]] Dr. Davidson of Union Carbide, Barret being away, [[/red underline]] to know how They felt about it. He
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[[vertical notation in left margin]] Our present expenditures for Bloomfield per year amount to about the 6 1/2% cumulative dividend of our preferred stock or about 9% on Common stock. [[/left margin]]
later on told me [[red underline]] Union Carbide [[/red underline]] and other feel that [[red underline]] Chemical Alliance is best for several reasons, furthermore Chemical Foundation [[/red underline]] has several legalistic impediments one of them being that it owns property etc. Nevertheless cooperation of [[red underline]] Garvin and his group very desirable.[[/red underline]]
[[underline]] July 20. [[/underline]] 10 A.M. called a meeting of [[red underline]] Op.Com. (George - Rossi - Redman also Weith, Lowe [[/red underline]] present. To discuss [[strikethrough]] duplication [[/strikethrough]] avoidance of duplication of work in [[red underline]] Bound Brook [[/red underline]] testing [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] and development of molding mixtures and similar work in Bloomfield. [[red underline]] Lowe [[/red underline]] states that generally speaking there is no duplication because [[red underline]] Bound Brook concentrates its attention in developing and improving the molding mixtures [[/red underline]] along practical lines so as to make them suit better the ultimate consumer. - [[red underline]] While Bloomfield gives more special attention to initial creation [[/red underline]] and development [[red underline]] of newer molding products. [[/red underline]] The only objection is that Bloomfield [[red underline]] needlessly [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] ques [[/strikethrough]] tends to develop the subject [[red underline]] beyond the laboratory scale. [[/red underline]]
I suggested that much work of the trained chemists in Bloomfield might well be performed by laboratory helpers, under supervision and direction of the chemists, instead of the latter losing time and attention to minor manipulations. I believe [[red underline]] too many in Bloomfield [[/red underline]] are now engaged an [[red underline]] molding materials, [[/red underline]] while their attention might better be given to [[red underline]] more profitable subjects. [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] For [[/strikethrough]] It was reported by George that for instance [[red underline]] Chamberlin [[/red underline]] has been

Transcription Notes:
There is a Clement Foundation in Chicago but "Clement" also looks like "Chemical." Clement Foundation wasn't founded until 1958. Plus it supports work that doesn't make sense in context of framing a new code for chemical industries. Switched to Chemical.

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