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Of [[underlined in red]] our formaldehyde unit, [[/underlined in red]] which is experimented with for further perfections so as to keep us abreast of any improvements and thus feel independent of [[underlined in red]] formaldehyde [[/underlined in red]] producers, who thus are compelled to quote us lowest prices.
The same can be said of the experimental department of [[underlined in red]] Molinari. [[/underlined in red]]
I was much disappointed to hear that the [[underlined in red]] men of Bloomfield rarely visited the plant here [[/underlined in red]] and as some one said, [[underlined in red]]  when Redman came it was less a  technical visit than a handshaking [[/underlined in red]] performance. Low on the contrary also Oaks frequently visits Bloomfield.
[[underlined in red]] This must end, the men of Bloomfield or at least some of them like Bender, Schmidt, Turkington etc. should keep track of the progress and problems of our manufacturing plant. - I intend to go to Bloomfield next week and urge this matter.
Yesterday I have sent to the Chicago Exhibition, Florida fruit section a package of my [[underlined in red]] Akees. [[underlined in red]] [[strikethrough]] ask from [[/strikethrough]] which I received here from my Florida place. - Nobody seems to know an [[underlined in red]] Akee. [[/underlined in red]] 
[[underlined]] July 28. [[/underlined]] Reynders [[/underlined in red]] yesterday told me that he is cooperating with General [[underlined in red]] Johnson [[/underlined in red]] on the "Code" matter and if there is anything which we want to know or present I can apply to him. All day at office. George tells me he goes fishing tomorrow and Sunday with my old friend [[underlined in red]] Edward Hewitt [[/underlined in red]] at his place Ringwood in New Jersey.
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[[note in left margin in red]] Retrospects [[/note in left margin in red]]
This late afternoon I went walking around our garden then [[underlined in red]] Glenheim [[/underlined in red]] now deserted since the death of Mrs. [[underlined in red]] Wheeler, [[/underlined in red]] also Harriman' then along the aqueduct, only cotton shirt, and cotton trousers no [[strikethrough]] collar [[/strikethrough]] hat nor necktie [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]]. When considering [[underlined in red]] all what has happened since in June 1893, [[/underlined in red]] after recovering from a long illness, so many gone, so many things happened, [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] I [[underlined in red]] felt like a walking ghost, [[/underlined in red]] when I passed one or two strollers along that aqueduct path. It is astonishing how little my neighborhood has changed in [[strikethrough]] 35 years [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined in red]] forty years [[/underlined in red]] and how the landscape has kept [[strikethrough]] I [[/strikethrough]] its original loveliness. The walk along the [[underlined in red]] aqueduct [[/underlined in red]] is one of the most charming in the neighborhood. I kept on walking till it was dark before I reached the winding climbing road which brought me back to Snug Rock. I am alone, the help is out and the only remaining [[strikethrough]] in [[/strikethrough]] neighbors [[strikethrough]] ^[[in]] are the Reeds who are away [[/strikethrough]] in Harmony Park are the Reeds who are away at present.
[[note in left margin in red]] Akees & Avocados [[/note in left margin]]
[[underlined]] July 29. [[/underlined]] At home all day. A new shipment of [[underlined in red]] avocados, mangos [[/underlined in red]] and of fine looking [[underlined in red]] Akees [[/underlined in red]] some of the latter between 4 to 5 inch long and about 3½ thick. Made my [[strikethrough]] morning [[/strikethrough]] breakfeast and supper of them. (Altho' I have been eating them now daily for about 2 weeks I still like them very much. Have [[underlined in red]] stewed [[/underlined in red]] a larger amount of them today [[underlined in red]] in butter with some water in a closed frying pan [[/underlined in red]] until they were nicely [[strikethrough]] yell [[/strikethrough]] bright yellow and soft, and shall try to determine how long I can keep them in the ice box. ^[[(Kept them in good condition until Aug 11)]]
[[underlined]] Sunday. [[/underlined]] July 30. Still hot but a light breeze. All help out. So day spent study, writing and excellent music on Radio.
[[underlined]] July 31. [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] Bakelite [[/strikethrough]] Very warm again. [[underlined in red]] Shrimpe [[/underlined in red]]

Transcription Notes:
an 'Akee' is a variety of apple

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