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[[vertical notation in left margin in red]] Chicago Exposition [[/left margin in red]]
and perhaps in a building where they are directly or indirectly interested.
Spent the afternoon until late with Breneche at the Exposition Electricity building, transportation etc. etc.  It seems endless and would take many weeks of successive visits to see it all and one gets very tired after about one week of it.
The [[red underlined]] exposition [[/red underlined]] is extremely [[red underlined]] interesting [[/red underlined]] and has been planned on an enormous scale.  Nevertheless it [[red underlined]] lacks [[/red underlined]] absolutely that [[red underlined]] magnificent artistic expression of the Exhibition of 1893 [[/red underlined]] with its eminently artistic buildings which at that time were a more overwhelming creation one can never forget; incomparably superior to any attempt of the like in Paris, London or any other preceding exhibition.  Any artistic attempts here are marred by [[red underlined]] loud, shrieking colors [[/red underlined]], and outlines, cubist construction combined with shrill noises everywhere.  To bed very tired at 9 P.M., ready for tomorrows packing and travel.
[[underlined]] Sept. 6 [[/underlined]] Foggy and sultry.  Left station 11:30 A.M. Breneche came to see me off. Quiet trip first rather sultry then cooler
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[[vertical notation in left margin in red]] Bender on Urea [[/left margin in red]]
[[underlined]] Sunday Sept 17. [[/underlined]] 1933. Went off at Harrison 8 A.M. where Dick awaited me with the car.  [[red underlined]] Family still at our camp. [[/red underlined]]. So am all alone with Frieda and the Hungarian cook Helen, which is more help than I want. - Very busy day reading acumulated matter and writing and getting ready for visit of [[red underlined]] Dr Rippen [[/red underlined]] who arrives on Sept 20 from Vienna.
[[underlined]] Sept 18. [[red underlined]] Early at office.  Kept posted on patent happenings.  [[red underlined]] Bender [[/red underlined]] reports good progress on his [[red underlined]] Urea work [[/red underlined]] where he uses [[red underlined]] ethylenediamin [[/red underlined]] or equivalents as catalysts, thus doing away with acids or strong bases.
[[vertical notation in left margin in red]] Young [[/left margin in red]]
[[underlined] Sept 19 [[/underlined]] [[/red underlined]] George [/red underlined]] has arranged a meeting [[red underlined]] with Young [[/red underlined]] and his associates, whom he wants to use as advisers and [[red underlined]] buy common stocks [[/red underlined] while selling our bonds.
[[vertical notation in left margin in red]] (Stocks) [[/left margin in red]]
Because [[red underlined]] Young [[/red underlined]] has private information furnished him by some (English financial experts) who have been staying in Washington collecting information by which they have learned that [[red underlined]] drastic further inflation [[/red underlined]] is [[strikethrough]] pending [[/strikethrough]] [[red underlined]] unavoidable [[/red underlined]] because President Roosevelt has to give in to inflationists.
Hays, Rossi, George, Redman, Sanford Brown, Holinger, [[strikethrough]] pre [[/strikethrough]] present I presiding. [[red underlined]] George wants to engage Young & Co without delay. Hays says directors and myself are open to blame and even damage suits, should some picking stockholder find fault with our change in investments if not done along accepted

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