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99/ [[underline]] 100 [[/underline]] (bes)
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[[red underline]] Morgentau [[/red underline]] Institute of International education [[/note in left margin in red]]
was discussed. Then at the end there was an exchange of opinion over present [[red underline]] political conditions. Morgenthau [[/red underline]] says Jewish immigration from Germany is more complicated than it looks at first view. He is very much opposed against [[red underline]] Zionists and their Palestine colonization. [[/red underline]] Says that altho' the [[red underline]] Zionists [[/red underline]] are spreading the news of a successful [[red underline]] Jewish-Palestine, the whole thing is a failure. [[/red underline]] There are 1% Jews in Germany 3½% in the U.S. (about 4000,000.) and 23% in [[red underline]] Poland. The latter are quite a problem because their orthodox rabbis [[/red underline]] do everything they can to [[red underline]] prevent them learning Polish [[/red underline]] and thus they are [[red underline]] politically separated from the Poles. Duggan proposes U.S. should send [[/red underline]] some representatives to the Anglo-American group now forming in Monaco to [[red underline]] study the Soviet viewpoint. [[/red underline]] I expressed my opposition, saying that a famous Jesuit once expressed himself: "Give me a child for a few years and you can have him for the rest of his life:" I said that nothing would be more dangerous than to send young men or others of an adolescent, or theoretical turn of mind, who had not encountered the stern realities of life. In the discussion it was brought out that Sec. of Agriculture [[red underline]] Wallace [[/red underline]] had a very serious problem with the [[red underline]] insurgent Governors of the farming States, [[/red underline]] who assailed him demanding still further concessions and hopefully [[red underline]] impractical measures [[/red underline]]
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and that the present attitude of the farmers might lead not only to [[red underline]] riots but to civil war. [[/red underline]] As most of the members present are avowed democrats I was rather astonished at their [[red underline]] skeptical attitude towards the experiments of the new deal [[/red underline]] and more particularly toward the experimenting with the currency of the country.
Arrived Snug Rock at 11:30 P.M.
[[underline]] Nov. 3 [[/underline]] Yesterday I showed to Rossi the handwritten letter I am sending to [[red underline]] A. Karpen requesting the latter to give us Bakelite Preferred for his loan [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] instead of the absurd collateral we now hold for his self lent loan [[/red underline]] from the funds of Autopoint. Interviews with Ripper, etc.
[[underline]] Nov 4. [[/underline]] At Snug Rock all day, reading and studying
[[underline]] Nov 5 [[/underline]] [[black and red underline]] Sunday [[/black and red underline]] Wrote long private letter to [[red underline]] Stauss [[/red underline]] asking him to help us get answer from [[red underline]] Sachs [[/red underline]] on [[strikethrough]] his balance sheet [[/strikethrough]] our [[red underline]] criticism of his balance sheet [[/red underline]] for 1932, also for news from La Bakelite and telling him how our sales are improving and explaining him our excellent sales dept. so that he may compare our methods to the [[red underline]] clumsy methods of Sachs [[/red underline]] and his men.
[[underline]] Dr [[/underline]] & [[red underline]] Mrs. Bingham [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] stopped here [[/strikethrough]] visited here.
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[[red underline]] Sunday Nov. [[/red underline]] 5. Cornelia went out in her car with Dickie and Miss Sawyer ^[[rear-]] [[red underline]] tire exploded and car turned over, and got wrecked [[/red underline]] but nobody hurt beyond some bruises. - Undoubdetly driving too fast and a worn tire
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[[underline]] Nov 6. [[/underline]] [[red underline]] George still away in  Adirondacks, [[/red underline]] will return day after tomorrow (election NY) At office all day. [[red underline]] Gordon Brown who has been away for two weeks [[/red underline]]     

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