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[[left margin in red]] Trust deeds [[/left margin in red]]
One of [[red underlined]] 6000 shares Bakelite Common [[/red underlined]] for [[red underlined]] George Baekeland [[/red underlined]] and one of [[red underlined]] one thousand shares common for each [[/red underlined]] one of [[red underlined]] Nina's [[/red underlined]] four children making [[red underlined]] 1500 shares [[/red underlined]] Bakelite common in all.  This will leave me with [[red underlined] only about 2000 shares Bakelite Common and about 11000 [[/red underlined]] Bakelite [[red underlined]] preferred [[/red underlined]] Nina's children went back home for their Xmas dinner.
[[left margin in red]] Freddy [[/left margin in red]]
[[/red underlined]] George [[/red underlined]] Baekeland and [[red underlined]] Cornelia [[/red underlined]] arrived with their three children here for dinner, and for the Xmas tree.  Little [[red underlined]] Freddie was allowed to use his leg by his physician and is quick and active [[/red underlined]] as ever and eagerly interested in the little toys on the tree, specially a little tin fire engine with little hand pump on it.  A very pleasant dinner gathering; but [[red underlined]] last year [[/red underlined]] [[strikethrough]] the F [[/strikethrough]] both the Rolls and the Baekelands were here, and I [[red underlined]] did not think a divorce was so near. [[/red underlined]] Spent remainder of the day after all were gone in studying funding problems
[[underlined]] Dec. 26. [[/underlined]] We now discover to our dismay that [[red underlined]] Hays Tippert [[/red underlined]]
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has made [[underlined]] all [[/underlined]] my trust deeds [[strikethrough]] since [[/strikethrough]] even those signed as [[strikethrough]] far back as [[/strikethrough]] late as 1929 and 1933 [[strikethrough]] as resident of [[/strikethrough]] [[red underlined]] giving my residence as Yonkers. [[/red underlined]]. N. Y. instead of [[red underlined]] Coconut Grove Florida [[/red underlined]] altho' I have had my legal residence and legal domicile in Florida since middle of 1927 and have voted and paid my taxes as such.  Hays tells me this can be corrected by attaching a sheet to the trust-deeds indicating the error.
Showed to Celine the new testament we are preparing.
[[underlined]] Dec. 27 [[/underlined]] Text of testament after consulting with Holinger needs many changes. [[strikethrough]] am writing out my annual president's report for tomorrows stockholder meeting of Bakelite Corp.
[[underlined]] Dec 28. Stockholder Meeting [[/underlined]] of Bakelite [[/strikethrough]]
[[underlined]] Dec. 28. [[/underlined]] Further discussion of text of new trust funds.  Holinger calls attention to further

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