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[[underlined]] September 19 [[/underlined]] 
Wrote Gerard that painting of George Hare is about to be sent
[[underlined]] Sept. 20. [[/underlined]]
[[left margin in red]] Swan, Gordon Brown and Blount [[/left margin in red]]
Directors meeting [[red underlined]] Swan [[/red underlined]] told me about his [[red underlined]] latest developments [[/red underlined]] in rubber backed-Bakelite printing plates which seem opening an important new field. - He says Shrimpe is also making progress in [[red underlined]] Pantone [[/red underlined]] altho' the latter has become of little significance for ordinary printers work.
Told to [[red underlined]] Swan [[/red underlined]] of advisability now that he has struck a decided [[strikethrough]] new [[/strikethrough]] new sphere of usefulness whether time had not arrived for giving [[red underlined]] Gordon Brown [[/red underlined]] and [[red underlined]] Blount [[/red underlined]] their true titles as head of sales-service department
He readily argued with me [[red underlined]] Dr. Judson Daland [[//red underlined]] returning from [[red underlined]] Mexico [[/red underlined]] and Central America [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] where he spent his vacations studying [[red underlined]] Tropical diseases [[/red underlined]], came to see me and I took him for luncheon to U.C.
Wrote Frederic Swarts that I had not yet received his list of distinctions and research work
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Wired Frédéric Swarts to send me duplicate of his last letter.
Wrote [[red underlined]] Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler [[/red underlined]] recommending [[red underlined]] Duggan's book [[/red underlined]] on South America to his attention
[[underlined]] Sept 21. [[/underlined]] [[red underlined]] Frederic [[/red underlined]] cables me that his letter (registered) was mailed on [[underlined]] Aug. 9.. - [[/underlined]] Found it buried amongst circulars and papers accumulated during my absence. [[red underlined]] A splendid record of his achievements in chemical research [[/red underlined]]
Am xpress wants to charge me $25.00 + certain formality expenses for sending [[strikethrough]] Hares [[/strikethrough]] that portrait of Robert Hare to La Maison de la Chimie in Paris! Another forwarding company was found to do it for $20.00.
[[underlined]] Sept 22 [[/underlined]] Kylie here examining obstructed oil tank for our house heating system.
During these later date a definite clue seems to have been found as to the kidnapper and slayer of [[red underlined]] Charles Lindberg's [[/red underlined]] child [[strikethrough]] a few [[/strikethrough]] about 2 years ago. A German Bruno Hauptman with a criminal record was caught paying with a gold certificate which bore one of the numbers of the package of bills given as ransom to the kidnapper, before the child had been found death sometime after. - Furthermore in Hauptmans garage bundles of similar 10$ & 
20$ of bills have been
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Transcription Notes:
Frederic Swarts was a Belgian chemist.

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