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[[red underline]] been kind to me and my family. [[/red underline]] Did not leave my place. All others gone. [[red underline]] Celine [[/red underline]] will probably return [[red underline]] from camp [[/red underline]] middle next week. Wrote to Redman intend to visit him in Canada after I know what time would be most suitable for him
[[underline]] Sept 9. [[/underline]] At office
[[underline]] Sept 10. [[/underline]] I find that [[red underline]] some wording of my last will needs rewriting [[/red underline]] Shall wait till Celine returns 
[[underline]] Sept 11 [[/underline]] Found some more lost negatives of many years ago. - photos of my student years etc. They had been lost on attick.
[[underline]] Sept 12. [[/underline]] The active entrance in [[red underline]] Urea products [[/red underline]] is delayed by the fact that [[red underline]] Peake & [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] Zinzer[[/strikethrough]] Skow have trouble obtaining a homogeneous mixture of filler with the resin. The filler seems to separate in second operation under hot rolling. [[vertical note in left margin in red]] Urea [[/vertical note in left margin]] [[underline]] Sept 13. [[/underline]] A beautiful day. So stayed home for a long deferred motor ride along the Westerly banks of the Hudson
Left here about 9.A.M. along the new motor Park Way to [[red underline]] Bear Mountain Bridge. [[/red underline]] A succession of beautiful landscapes traversed on a new modern motor-road. Everything kept in admirable order and an example of the very best landscaping I ever dreamt of. Selected Friday [[strikethrough]] then [[/strikethrough]] and end of vacation, thus avoiding the usual crowd of 
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of motorists which spoil the esthetic impression. 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] [[red underline]] Bear Mountain [[/red underline]] [[/vertical note in left margin]] 
[[red underline]] I have never [[/red underline]] seen such a long [[red underline]] stretch of beautiful landscapes [[/red underline]] traversed by such a well planned road, and nothing in the whole sketch to mar the esthetic effect. Then over Bear-Mountain Bridge to [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] Bear-Mountain and a road named [[strikethrough]] in hon [[/strikethrough]] fitly in honor of [[red underline]] Perkins [[/red underline]] who was the [[strikethrough]] first commissioner [[/strikethrough]] President of the Palisades Park Commission and under whose wise management, this marvel of state parks was conceived and carried out. The Perkins road leads to the [[red underline]] top of Bear Mountain [[/red underline]] with a wide view of all the forest [[strikethrough]] cover [[/strikethrough]] covered mountainous landscape. Stopped for luncheon, well served at Bear Mountain Inn. Artistically built from granit and tree-trunks from surrounding forests. Then went North over Westpoint, Storm King Mountain etc. returning over [[red underline]] Tuxedo, the Palisades and Alpine [[/red underline]] Yonkers Ferry. 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Good landscaping [[/vertical note in left margin]] 
[[red underline]] Dick who knows [[/red underline]] very well every part of these roads makes a [[red underline]] good guide [[/red underline]] besides being an excellent chauffeur. At Snug Rock about 5:45 P.M. A most enjoyable day
[[underline]] Sept 14. [[/underline]] Rainy. - A man came here to inspect our heater system parts and put it in best shape
My back hurts me somewhat today. Probably due to long drive yesterday and straight sitting position to better observe the landscape.  

Transcription Notes:
George W. Perkins, Sr. = first president of Palisades Park Commission