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or use other solvents such as [[red underlined]] glycol, sugar, glucose [[/red underlined]] ^[[etc]] instead of [[red underlined]] or with glycerine and lactic [[/red underlined]] acid. - then after adding the phenol.
[[red underlined]] Mr Lothspiel [[/red underlined]] who laid my [[red underlined]] asphalt tiles, [[/red underlined]] came here early this morning to [[red underlined]] inspect the [[/red underlined]] job.  The man, whom I took for a hard-boiled fellow made a good impression and [[red underlined]] was very candid, [[/red underlined]] in telling that he had encountered only 3 cases like mine, who had given him bother, due to local conditions in Coconut Grove. - Will send us new adhesive for trying it.
Celine and I went to register at City Hall for coming primaries.
[[underlined]] March 6. [[/underlined]]  Went to Miami in the afternoon.
[[underlined]] March 7. [[/underlined]]  Colonel [[red underlined]] Frederick Pope [[/red underlined]] came here this morning unannounced, from Jacksonville by Airplane to take up again same proposition as he made before, [[red underlined]] for joining Cyanamid. [[/red underlined]] Asked him to write down summarily his proposition and will think it over afterwards. As far as I can see it shows little if any difference over what has been proposed before except that he counts Cyanamid Co stock now at 40 (latest quotations are 35-37), instead of at the former
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lower Exchange quotation. Told him what is more urgent is that he should meet [[red underlined]] Whitaker [[/red underlined]] and try to induce him and Cyanamid people to listen to [[red underlined]] Marshall [[/red underlined]] & George B for an agreement with Unite etc as to a royalty plan for patents. [[red underlined]] Pope left at noon, [[/red underlined]] and I wrote directly to Geroge about this visit also sending him copy of proposition of Pope.
[[underlined]] March 8 [[/underlined]] (Sunday) Rain & stormy day. Kept indoors writing & reading.
March 9. Had here ^[[Saturday]] the visit of a certain [[red underlined]] L.E. Katterfeld [[/red underlined]] who wants to find financial support & subscribers for starting again his publication "Evolution". Gave him my check for $25.00 and some addresses.
This afternoon had visit of [[red underlined]] Mr. Cecil Roberts, [[/red underlined]] writer, publicist, lecturer & traveller. Mr. Pierce of Irving Thomas Co. brought him here. He is [[red underlined]] the man who while he was the guest of Frederic Norris sent that 2 column letter to the London Times, [[/red underlined]] describing from Coconut Grove his sensations while listening to the Radio, [[red underlined]] during the funeral ceremonies of King George. A very pleasant [[/red underlined]]
[[left margin]] A small tornado & lightning this evening. Newspaper reports much damage but none here [[/left margin]]
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