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[[left margin]] March 10  Cecil Roberts [[\left margin]]
[[red underlined]] well informed man, [[\red underlined]] who went [[red underlined]] thru the war in the British [[\red underlined]] army, first as a [[red underlined]] soldier, [[\red underlined]] then as [[red underlined]] war correspondent [[\red underlined]] for the [[red underlined]] British Army [[\red underlined]] etc.  Tonight he is to lecture on "The Whirlpool of Europe" at the Committee of 100 dinner.  He knew about [[red underlined]] Velox [[\red underlined]] and was one of the [[red underlined]] first users [[\red underlined]] thereof in England.  Also knew about [[red underlined]] Bakelite [[\red underlined]] which he was using as his [[red underlined]] electric lighting [[\red underlined]] outfit of his English House etc.  Told me he was a [[red underlined]] pupil [[\red underlined]] of [[red underlined]] Dr. Johnson [[\red underlined]] in Chislehurst (England) [[red underlined]] where George Baekeland was a pupil in 1906. [[\red underlined]]
[[underlined]] March 11 [[\underlined]]  Mailed my Internal Revenue Tax returns to N.Y Custom house; registered letter.  Wrote to Potter about visit of Cecil Roberts.
Have received a telegram from office that my dear old friend Albert Hooker has passed away.  Wrote a letter of condolences to his son.
Another old dear friend gone!
[[underlined]] March 12 [[\underlined]] - 13, 14 - Wrote a very long letter to George B. answering his expressing his dark doubts about the future of this country & contemplating of sending his son Brooks to McGill University in Montreal so as to prepare him to live and work in Canada which he thinks is a better country with better prospects than our U.S
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Tried to show him his error, and that he is merely passing to a mood similar to what I went thru at his age and the tendency of "all fields look green far away".  Also giving my opinion as to what to do in regard to increased salaries etc in case Roosevelt carries his proposed taxes for non distributed profits.  Letter took me about 3 hours continuous writing.
David Fairchild's daughter Barbara gave birth today, to a daughter.  Mother & child doing well.
[[underlined]] Sunday [[\underlined]] March 15.  Inundations thru melting snow almost everywhere in Northern and Middle States.
Rain almost all day here.
Visit of Mrs Edward Weston Jr & her daughter who came to see Celine's paintings.  Glad to hear my dear old friend Dr. Weston is well & active altho being 85 years old.
[[underlined]] March 16. [[\underlined]]  Wrote a letter to Geo with clipping of N.Y Times referring to the fact that in many companies are run by a minority of 10% of the stockholders, thus alloting abominable salaries to directors even when company is losing money or is insolvent or has no surplus.  Contrasted this with our own company where we own the controling interest, but do not abuse it.  Sketched him what might happen if we join Cyanamid in which we would hold say 10% of the stock as Bakelite Corp.
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