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division but in which the Baekeland family would hold only half of the 10% stock, putting us in a minority with only 5% of the votes.
If we accept Cyanamid Class B stock as proposed we have no voting rights at all.
Drove to Miami to examine Outboard Motors (Johnson) for the camp.  Traffic congestion and parking space have become so congested that shopping with a motor car in Miami has become a real unpleasant effort.  Streets to narrow and rules of traffic & parking very intricate and a strain on the nerves.  If I go in a shop, Andrew cannot stop the car but has to keep on running around and around the block until I can catch him.
Went to Sears-Roebuck where they keep the new Bakelite Electric Fans in stock; made after German Model which use flexible woven blades instead of metal which makes them noiseless and avoids the risk of being wounded when struck by metal revolving blades.  Bought a flat bottom work-boat for 40$ from the Johnson Agent.
Wrote a letter to Dr. Weston, to find out how he is etc.
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Wrote a long letter to George about general situation - increase of salaries of directors etc.
Balance at Guaranty Trust Co 102,320.   Also called George attention that I was in error when saying that if we joined Am. Cyanamid our vote would be only 10%, it would be much less because our family holds only about half of B.C. stock. - So we would stand with 5% ready to be overruled 19 to 1, even if Cyanamid B Stock had voting rights, which it has not.  George disgusted with present conditions in U.S. wrote that he is considering sending Brooksie to McGill University in 2 years when he is ready; because G. believes Canada has better prospects and better general ethics than U.S.  Wrote him that this is a case of: "All fields look greener far away".  Cited him my own similar attitude when I was his age and when Mexico seemed the best country to live in during Porferio Diaz regime!
[[underlined]] March 17. [[\underlined]]  Drew 100$ cash at bank here and deposited $300
Mr. Nichols whose speciality is rat-killing came here for this purpose.  Anxiety of our neighbors the Calverts for their ferocious dogs they fear might be poisoned.
Afternoon drove all alone to Chatham field.  Not a single man in sight made is so much the more pleasant & undisturbed
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