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The advice of George to take [[underlined in red]] Psyllium Seed [[/underlined in red]] twice a day, so as to have easier peristaltic action of my bowels, has proved very valuable to me. I believe my excellent condition is greatly due to this. Am sorry did not use it sooner.
[[underlined]] July 5 [[/underlined]] (Sunday). Left early for the [[underlined in red]] Kew Botanical [[/underlined in red]] Gardens. Was more impressed than ever by the [[underlined in red]] charm of the whole landscape gardening [[/underlined in red]] as well as the [[strikethrough]] int [[/strikethrough]] enormous number of exhibits
[[left margin vertical in red]] Kew Gardens [[/left margin vertical in red]]
Lawns, trees, roads, and green houses are admirably well kept. People are allow to walk over the lawns, sit down in the grass and take a rest or eat their lunch or read. But there is [[underlined in red]] no litter [[/underlined in red]] of newspapers etc and no disturbing noise as is often the case in New York. Adults and children of whatever class are better behaved and strive to conduct themselves in a way which does not offend others.
The enormous tropical green houses contain large and small samples of palms, tree-ferns, orchids and
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cacti and other tropical plants gathered from everywhere Everything well kept and [[underlined in red]] in charge of polite attendants. [[/underlined in red]]
I noticed one plant, which was suspended in a wide pot and [[strikethrough]] seemed [[/strikethrough]] was unusually graceful, showing creeping hanging branches bearing [[strikethrough]] hanging a [[/strikethrough]] very prettyͯ flowers will red petals and a jet black glistening round little sphere. 
[[left margin vertical]] ͯ hanging flower [[/left margin vertical]] 
Its name is [[red X in left margin]][[underlined]] "Clianthis Dampiera" [[/underlined]] [[/red X in right margin]]
The label mentioned that its common name is: [[underlined]] Glory Pea [[/underlined]] and its origin is [[underlined in red]] Australia. [[/underlined in red]]
This admirable Kew Gardens, open to the public or for a very [[underlined in red]] small fee [[/underlined in red]] is truly a great gift to the people who can enjoy it better and without the worries of ownership and management than if they were the owner of these gardens.
[[strikethrough]] July 6 [[/strikethrough]] Spent evening packing as I leave tomorrow for Liverpool [[underlined in red]] Kendall [[/underlined in red]] has wired me that [[underlined in red]] my diploma of membership of the Royal Society [[/underlined in red]] and printed matter related thereto will be mailed to reach me on S. S. Bremen in Southhampton
[[underlined]] July 6 [[/underlined]] Potter & Mrs. [[underlined in red]] Potter & Low & Mrs. Low of Bakelite [[/underlined in red]] [[strikethrough]] Limter [[/strikethrough]] Limited and myself took the Euston Station train of 2:40 P.M
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