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to hold a meeting where some prominent members would be able to discuss and exchange opinions with the Op. Com.
[[left margin red underlined]] Francis Blossom [[\left margin red underlined]]
[[underlined]] Aug 4 [[/underlined]]  Met my old friend [[red underlined]] Francis Blossom [[/red underlined]] at the University Club.  He is again in excellent health and a very active trustee of Columbia.  Told him that altho' my name did not appear among the gifts this was simply due to the fact that I had made my gifts anonymously and intended to do so again this year.  [[red underlined]] A very pleasant meeting with the man, who in 1894 helped me to devise for our coating plant of Nepera Chemical Co. what I believe was the first air-conditioning system used in the U.S. [[/red underlined]]
[[left margin]] First air conditioning plant in 1894. [[\left margin]]
I used it for insuring regular [[red underlined]] temperature [[/red underlined]] and [[red underlined]] hygrometric conditions [[/red underlined]] in the coating of Velox and other photographic papers.  Blossom was then just graduated from Columbia School of Mines and in the service [[red underlined]] Church, Kerr and Westinghouse [[/red underlined]] Co.  He is now a member of Sanderson Porter etc. engineering firm.
[[underlined]] Aug 6. [[/underlined]]  Went to [[red underlined]] Bloomfield, [[/red underlined]] leaving Snug Rock at about 10.30 A.M over Washington Bridge, using more direct way instead of going thru New York and Hudson Tunnel.  Arrived at factory at about one
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hour later, just at a time when everyone was at Lunch.
[[left margin]] [[red underlined]] Brady [[/red underlined]] [[\left margin]]
So I walked alone thru court-yard and various buildings until I got accosted by Brady who had [[red underlined]] been appointed by George Baekeland to become supervisor of [[/red underlined]] plant maintenance and repair etc.  Brady showed me around was he had already done and intended to do.  The court yard is in much better condition than it ever was; parking space for automobiles of employes, which formerly was a general obstruction of yard and streets has been wisely rearranged.  Repairs are being made and obsolete parts of machinery or buildings abolished or improved.  [[red underlined]] Naturally this has raised some opposition on the [[/red underlined]] part of Wieth etc. fearing division of authority etc.  [[red underlined]] I cautioned Brady against this, [[/red underlined]] and told him instead of loudly denouncing or insisting on all he has done he [[red underlined]] should behave in a somewhat more modest and less objectionable way; [[/red underlined]] and try to cultivate cooperation and consent.  [[red underlined]] Otherwise he would defeat his own purposes. [[/red underlined]]  Had a long interview with Wieth and [[red underlined]] Redman. [[/red underlined]]  The latter [[red underlined]] has again been ill [[/red underlined]] and new attacks.  Redman, like usually thinks again it is all over etc. and has illusions about the seriousness of his case.  Urged again Wieth to push his efforts for putting a man on further work of hydragenation of oils.  
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