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on their vacation. So is [[red underlined]] Swan. [[/red underlined]]
[[left margin in red]] [[red underlined]] Shrimpe - [[/red underlined]] Swan [[/left margin in red]]
Am told by Shrimpe that [[red underlined]] [[Swann's?]] new printing [[strikethrough]] mats ar [[/strikethrough]] of rubber molded from Bakelite mats are [[/red underlined]] progressing well.
[[red underlined]] Shrimpe [[/red underlined]] showed me his work on [[strikethrough]] resins for solu [[/strikethrough]] oil soluble but infusible resins which seem to be destined to find important applications for coil impregnation and similar uses.
The [[red underlined]] paper-mill machinery which has cost us so much money is being  dismantled [[/red underlined]] so as to find room for better purposes in this building.  Parts are being stored and sold whenever occasion presents.
[[left margin in red]] [[red underlined]] Brady [[/red underlined]] [[/left margin in red]]
As to the [[red underlined]] famous vaccuum inclosed drying fourdrinier, [[/red underlined]] which has cost us so much, Brady says nobody wants to buy it, because it is considered impractical [[strikethrough]] and useless [[/strikethrough]] etc. The purchase of this machine by insistent advice of George Baekeland, may teach him a lesson for the future if he will remember how enthusiastic he was at that time.
[[left margin in red]] Bloomfield [[/left margin red]]
While walking thru the varnish making room, [[strikethrough]] I [[/strikethrough]] [[red underlined]] where pots were boiling without [[/red underlined]] attendents I was overcome by the violent smell of evaporating solvents. - [[red underlined]] A gross piece of negligence while the operators [[/red underlined]]
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when [[strikethrough]] at t [[/strikethrough]] at their luncheon in the [[strikethrough]] b [[/strikethrough]] nearby building. [[red underlined]] I intend to write a letter to Wieth, [[/red underlined]] telling him that as far as I can see, [[red underlined]] Bloomfield has much to do in order to bring the plant up to necessary [[/red underlined]] precautions against accidents, fire-risk and sanitary conditions. They might take an example at what has been done and is being done at [[red underlined]] Bound Brook. [[/red underlined]]
On returning at about 5 P.M we [[strikethrough]] drove there the same [[/strikethrough]] took the Alpine Ferry through Yonkers, thus making the last part of our trip specially interesting along the lower Palisade Road. - This stretch is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the Hudson. Home about 6 P.M.
[[underlined]] Aug 7. [[/underlined]] 
[[left margin in red]] [[red underlined]] Grenade [[/red underlined]] [[/left margin in red]]
Invited [[red underlined]] Grenade [[/red underlined]] for luncheon at University. He and his family seem to have enjoyed much their stay at Utowana.
[[red underlined]] Celine arrived from camp [[/red underlined]] at Snug Rock at about 7:30 P.M. Happy meeting. [[red underlined]] Many things to tell to each other. [[/red underlined]] She is in excellent health. So are all the children. [[red underlined]] We certainly are a happy pair and can be proud of our little family. [[/red underlined]] - What luck [[red underlined]] to have won such an unusually excellent and devoted life-partner. [[/red underlined]]
[[underlined]] Aug 8. [[/underlined]] 
[[right margin in red]] Anniversary of Wedding [[/right margin in red]]
[[red underlined]] Anniversary of our wedding. [[/red underlined]] Pleasantly cool. Our [[red underlined]] cook [[/red underlined]] just returned from hospital treated for [[red underlined]] appendicitis [[/red underlined]] and now in bed. [[strikethrough]] so [[/strikethrough]] After lunch Celine and myself drove thru Park. Boulevard to New York, visited the newly erected 

Transcription Notes:
A fourdrinier is a paper making machine.

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