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[[left margin vertical in red]] George Roll [[\left margin vertical in red]]
and who he treated as inferiors to him, now occupy important positions. After returning to my private office I let him explain the purpose of his visit. The whole meeting was carried on cheerfully and in good spirit.
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[[red underlined]] He wanted to know whether I [[strikethrough]] wou [[/strikethrough]]would be willing to give him the money I have set aside for his children [[/red underlined]] so as to enable him to rent a house near by[[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]]  their school, so that they could take their meals with him and spend the nights and Sundays at his house. I told him that I understood his feelings in this matter, and I sympathised with him. But the whole problem revolves on:  What is the best for his children and their future. Not what is most pleasing to him or to me or their mother. Therefore any discussion of plans must take this in consideration. He agreed with me. I told him then, what I never had told him before that I had set aside irrevocable trust funds for his children, so as to provide for their education and maintenance, at a time when he had lost his job and in financial difficulties, leaving him no income after he lost all his money during the financial depression and his speculations. I did this, while 
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he had to be supported by his wife's limited income, so that his children might not suffer by it. - [[red underlined]] I did this so as to avoid humiliating him [[/red underlined]] after he was thus suffering from all [[strikethrough]] the blun [[/strikethrough]] his blunders and arrogant attitude, which brought about his retirement from Bakelite Corporation.
[[left margin vertical in red]] George Roll [[\left margin vertical in red]]
Reminded him also of the fact that the system he proposed of taking his 2 sons with him in a house rented by him, had failed because the children had to be taken care, in his absence during his working hours, by hired women. He has had to change the latter one after another either because they proved unsatisfactory or they [[strikethrough]] di [[/strikethrough]] were not willing to stay in service under him. - This furthermore had a bad influence on the education of his sons, who instead of boarding in their school and having the benefit of their school surroundings were hampered by their daily trips back and forward.
I told him I [[strikethrough]] would [[/strikethrough]] favor any arrangement which helps him meeting his sons., [[strikethrough]] provided [[/strikethrough]] and keeping their respect and good feelings; provided it did not harm the sons in their education and mental or moral development.

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