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[[strikethrough]] 15 [[/strikethrough]]
repealed by next congress. Stockholders meeting went orderly and smoothly. [[red underlined]] Young Hasslacher [[/red underlined]] who ordinarily came around to our former meetings, but who [[red underlined]] recently committed suicide [[/red underlined]] by jumping out of his office window, was replaced by his brother who behaved very modestly.
[[left margin in red]] Prof. D'Arcy Thompson [[/left margin in red]]
After the meeting I found [[red underlined]] Prof. D'Arcy Thompson in my office. [[/red underlined]] So drove him to [[red underlined]] University Club [[/red underlined]] for Luncheon and [[red underlined]] gave him a visitors card [[/red underlined]] for the remaining days of his stay.
[[underlined]] Dec 11. [[/underlined]] [[red underlined]] King Edward resigns from the Throne. [[/red underlined]] All papers full of it. Rainy foggy day. Took luncheon with Prof. [[red underlined]] D'Arcy Thompson [[/red underlined]] at U.C. another pleasant talk of men we have known. [[red underlined]] Gave him Bakelite pencils. [[/red underlined]] [[strikethrough]] Sent a [[/strikethrough]] Mailed Xmas letters to friends in England who have shown me courtesies or hospitality while I was there.
Evening went to feast and supper given by [[red underlined]] Dr. Dorr as an opening to his extense new offices [[/red underlined]] in the General Electric building. - Much crowded met many old friends there. Left there at 8 ^[[P.M]] just about time supper began
[[underlined]] Dec 12. [[/underlined]] [[red underlined]] Celine [[/red underlined]] goes to Connecticut (Wilton?)
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[[strikethrough]] 16 [[/strikethrough]]
where [[red underlined]] George has rented a cottage [[/red underlined]] for residence, [[red underlined]] while Cornelia Middlebrook will occupy the Scarsdale residence [[/red underlined]] until next spring.
[[left margin in red]] King Edward [[/left margin in red]]
Rainy day. - Radio broadcast from London and from Montreal of the [[red underlined]] ceremonies of abdication of King Edward and his brother ^[[George]] being proclaimed his successor. [[/red underlined]] All pompous and firing of [[strikethrough]] artillery [[/strikethrough]] artillery guns.
Afternoon went to [[red underlined]] Hoboken to meet D'Arcy W. Thompson who leaves on S.S. Pennland [[/red underlined]] of Red Star Line. Met there Professor Robert Chambers of N.Y. University. The distinguished biochemist, whose examinations of biochemical phenomina and cells under microscope dissection has won him a reputation. A very interesting man see Who's Who. His address is 171 E. 64 st. New York. [[red underlined]] Dr. Thompson was his guest. [[/red underlined]] He is the head of the Dept of Biology of N.Y. University. [[strikethrough]] With [[/strikethrough]]
[[underlined]] Dec 13 [[/underlined]] (Sunday) [[red underlined]] Prepared [[/red underlined]] my coming [[red underlined]] lecture for Columbia. [[/red underlined]]
[[strikethrough]] Dick and I [[/strikethrough]] With Dick determined amount of alcohol in some sour cherry wine I had made many years ago. It showed about 10% by volume. The distillate showed 45% C2H5OH
[[underlined]] Dec 14. [[/underlined]] [[red underlined]] George and Rossi [[/red underlined]] are still having trouble on that Urea patent licenses. [[red underlined]] Marshall [[/red underlined]] and the [[blank]] [[strikethrough]] gro [[/strikethrough]] group are willing enough but the trouble is with

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