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[[strikethrough]] 17/ [[/strikethrough]]
[[left margin vertical in red]] Cyanamid [[/left margin vertical in red]]
the [[red underlined]] Cyanamid Co. [[/red underlined]] men. [[red underlined]] Whitaker [[/red underlined]] and his associate propose impossible terms. [[red underlined]] Arrangement must be terminated on or before 15th. [[/red underlined]] Fortunately [[red underlined]] we have already [[strikethrough]] a lice [[/strikethrough]] an [[underlined]] exclusive [[/underlined]] license from Cyanamide [[/red underlined]] and if the deal falls thru they cannot license the Plaskon Co
[[underlined]] Dec. 14. [[/underlined]] [[red underlined]] Delivered lecture at Columbia subject: The viscissitudes of Research. [[/red underlined]] I related my experiences how step by step I was brought in my research on Bakelite and how it came about. [[red underlined]] Lecture-room seats all taken. Many standing. [[/red underlined]] Dr McKee introduced me then made some comments at the end. [[red underlined]] Very attentive audience. [[/red underlined]] Evening went to dinner at University Club in honor of [[red underlined]] Sir Duncan Campbell of Glascow. [[/red underlined]] Met many old friends. Kirkpatrick presided.
[[underlined]] Dec. 16. [[/underlined]] Was [[red underlined]] glad to hear Urea license contract has finally been signed. [[/red underlined]] My cold is getting worse. [[strikethrough]] Dec. 17 [[/strikethrough]] [[red underlined]] Nina visited George [[/red underlined]] and tells me [[strikethrough]] Celine h [[/strikethrough]] her mother has had pains in the region of her bladder. When I came home I [[red underlined]] inquired about this to Celine, but she says pain is over [[/red underlined]] and will see physician tomorrow.
I had an unpleasant night cold in the head.
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[[overwritten]] 18 [[overwritten]]
[[underlined]] Dec. 17. [[/underlined]] [[red underlined]] Decided to stay [[strikethrough]] f [[/strikethrough]] in Yonkers to nurse my cold. [[/red underlined]] Telegraphed congratulations to [[red underlined]] Orville Wright [[/red underlined]] on occasion of 33d. anniversary of his first flight.
[[underlined]] Dec 18. [[/underlined]] Feel better but not yet over my cold. [[red underlined]] Remained at Snug Rock [[/red underlined]]
[[underlined]] Dec. 19. [[/underlined]] Still [[red underlined]] suffering from my cold [[/red underlined]] but somewhat better.
At [[red underlined]] 9:15 A.M. [[/red underlined]] Celine and I went to see the mural painting by [[red underlined]] David Hutchison at the Carnegie public library of Yonkers. [[/red underlined]] The painter Hutchinson was there. [[red underlined]] Am in a group including Alexander Graham Bell, Edison, the brothers Wright, Lindberg, Pupin, Eastman, Dr. Alexis Carrel [[/red underlined]] etc. with the [[red underlined]] Palisades as a background. [[/red underlined]]
Am still under the weather = Temp. 101° Pulse 78 and weak.
Afternoon [[red underlined]] Celine went to bed: [[/red underlined]] same symptoms of [[red underlined]] influenza?, [[/red underlined]] probably contracted thru me. Her temperature at 6 P.M was [[red underlined]] 102°; [[/red underlined]] her pulse 94 and strong.
Filled [[red underlined]] 26 bottles of wine [[/red underlined]] (Mixtureͯ 1936) for the [[red underlined]] coming meeting of Older Graduates of Columbia, [[/red underlined]] which I shall send to Frank S. Hackett, Sec'y.
[[left margin vertical]] ͯ Mixture was made of last grapes on the vines slightly pink but very clear and pleasant taste [[\left margin vertical]] 
Evening [[red underlined]] Celine's pulse was 94 and her temperature 102°F, [[/red underlined]] but feels better.
[[underlined]] Sunday Dec. 20. [[/underlined]] Celine had good rest. Temp. still 102°F but feels better. My cold seems gone. Wrote [[red underlined]] Xmas [[/red underlined]] letters to [[red underlined]] Kendall, Swinburne, Bancroft, Cartier [[/red underlined]] de Marchienne
8 P.M. Pulse of Celine still high. Temp. 102°F

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