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162/ [[red underlined]] increasing every day [[/red underlined]] in surface and dammage [[red underlined]] Hundreds of thousands  to be abandoned [[/red underlined]] and several hundred's inhabitants killed While we went out with [[red underlined]] ION to test, propelling by means of dinghy + 9 h.p. outboard [[/red underlined]] to be used in case our Diesel gave out on a cruise, [[red underlined]] Dr. Charles Townsend, Director of the New York City Aquarium [[/red underlined]] visited in my absence, and left for New York. [[vertical note in left margin in red]] Trying outboard propeller for ION. [[/red underlined]]  Our test was in a rather windy day on the Bay, [[red underlined]] Diesel engine [[/red underline]] behaved very well and our emergency rig, of Pram + outboard showed that in case of disability and not too strong current [[strikethrough]] our [[/strikethrough]] or wind, the pram + outboard 7-13 h.p. could push or tow her.
[[underlined]] Jan 27. [[/underlined]]
[[red underlined]] Bleeding of rectum [[/red underlined]] did not recur since Sunday At 5 P.M. visit of Montgomery his wife & Mrs. Fairchild and Mr. Chamberlain (landscape architect, to see my [[red underline]] Akee trees. Floods [[/red underlined]] are slowly receding 
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The further test will be now on the [[red underlined]] Mississipi Valley [[/red underlined]] to see in how far the U.S Government Engineering works which have been carried on exactly for such an emergency will stand the test. [[vertical note in left margin in red]] [[red underlined]] Lewis [[/red underlined]] the Brute [[/vertical note in left margin in red]] Dammages and assistance for what has occured is ahead, calculated to about [[red underlined]] 700 million [[/red underlined]] This with the [[red underlined]] strikes in the Motor-car industries where that  presumptuous [[/red underlined]] brute [[red underlined]] Lewis [[/red underlined]] is trying to rule labor by a minority of which he is the boss, announces serious developments for the U.S. [[underlined]] Jan 28. [[/underlined]] It looks as if my trouble with [[red underlined]] hemorhoids [[/red underlined]] were over at present. Anoter beautiful day and excellent swimming water has been 76-78┬░since I am here. 
[[underlined]] Jan 29. [[/underlined]] This morning while at stool again ejection [[red underlined]] bleeding [[/red underlined]] thin stream continuing about [[red underlined]] 5 to 10 [[/red underlined]] minutes. Then stopped. Today had about 30 minutes of good rain. [[red underlined]] Dr. Holden. [[/red underlined]] the oculist [[red underlined]] died [[/red underlined]] suddenly after a stroke in New York. [[vertical note in left margin]] Gave Montgomery a copy of "Gone Sunward" [[/vertical note in left margin]] This afternoon visited Col. [[red underlined]] Montgomery. [[/red underlined]] to see his garden and palms His place has admirably developed On returning stopped at [[red underlined]] Fairchilds [[/red underlined]] He has [[red underlined]] rented [[/red underlined]] his main house and now occupies [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] with Mrs Fairchild the bungalow where 
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