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[[overwritten]] 57 [[/overwritten]] 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Steamer [[/left margin]]
Fine set of passengers. Took our meals on small table for 2 in dining room. [[red underline]] Service [[/red underline]] excellent. Hooker's daughter Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3d. has a son J.D.R. 4th so Hooker is rushing homeward to see his grandchild. - Much foggy weather and cool. - Telegram from Kendall and his fellow professors of Edinburgh of the Chemical Dept: McKenzie, Bain Rule - Ludham, Bolam.
[[underline]] July 19 [[/underline]] - Fog & Horn.
[[underline ]] July 20. [[/underline]] Ditto. Got acquainted with Lincoln Ellsworth, Polar explorer.  Friendly retiring chap; rather boyish in his attitudes.
[[underline]] July 20-21. [[/underline]] Evening great feast. Dr & Mrs. Caspari, Dubois, Celine & myself at same table. Pleasant evening
[[strikethrough]] July 23 [[/strikethrough]] Fog and stoppages of steamer
[[underline]] [[/red underline]] July [[/red underline]] [[overwritten]] 22 [[/overwritten]] ^[[23]] [[/underline]]
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Arrived of New York [[/left margin]]
[[red underline]] Arrived in New York [[/red underline]] afternoon after foggy night. Got up at 6 AM. 
[[Large X in left margin]]
Hookers family, Mrs. Hooker, her unmarried daughter, Murray, Bert Hooker's son, [[red underline]] George Baekeland and his wife Grace [[/red underline]] all at the docks awaiting us, in fine weather. Great crowding and hectic examination of baggage; but no objections to what we bought. Then [[strikethrough]] Celine [[/strikethrough]] Dick drove Celine & myself to Yonkers in pleasant weather. Vegetation at its best. Pleasant weather. [[red underline]] Nina and Phillip Wyman [[/red underline]] came to visit us late. Wyman's little daughter operation for appendicitis is better now; seems she can pull thru. 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]]
Roosevelt packing supreme court [[/left margin]]
[[red underline]] Roosevelts bill for packing Supreme court, overwhelmingly defeated. -- [[/red underline]] Will it kill his cheek?
[[underline]] July 24 [[/underline]] - Home all day and unpacking. Enjoying new big Radio. Sanford's visit to talk about "Colloids". !!
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[[overwritten]] 58 [[/overwritten]] 
[[underline]] July 25 Sunday. [[/underline]] Wrote letters to Prof. Chambers, biologist of N.Y. University, to Prof. Hixson to Harrison Howie absent to Andrew etc. Also writing in notes in this book which I had forgotten to take along with me during my recent travels.
[[vertical note in left margin]]
Temp 80°F [[/left margin]]
[[underline]] July 26. [[/underline]] Letter to Prof [[red underline]] Armstrong on death of his father. [[underline]] At office. [[/underline]] [[strikethrough]] Office [[/strikethrough]] 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Bakelite Resibond [[/ left margin]]
Orders are large. [[red underline]] Resibond [[/red underline]] is discontinued temporarily because machine is needed for coating heavier sheets for which there is an increased demand. 
[[vertical note in left margin in red, underlined]] Wyman [[/left margin underlined]]
Evening had visit from [[black and red underline]] Phillip Wyman & Nina. [[/black and red underline]] They had just received news that Phillips youngest daughter who since many days was near death is better today. ([[red underline]] Appendicitis [[/red underline]])
[[underline]] July 27. [[/underline]] Cooler. Returned my letter of credit to bank. Have [[red underline]] spent
[[Large red X in left margin]]
$1100 [[/red underline]] on my trip, not including my steamer ticket from New York to Cherbourg and sundry expenses on steamer and in Paris until I drew first amount at Guaranty Trust Co in Paris. Wrote letters to Kendall thanking him and his colleagues for their telegram sent to me at Southhampton.
[[red underline]] At office [[/red underline]] read and approved reports of Operating com. [[red underline]] Celine left for camp [[/red underline]] today. Had visit of Jerome Alexander