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[[overwritten]] 59 [[/overwritten]]
who came to see me to propose me as honorary member of Soc. Chimie Industrielle of France Told him I would prefer not. To U.C. for luncheon first time since my return. - Many old friends greeted me. - Renovated club well run, altho at first everybody kicked!
[[vertical notation in left margin in red]] Rossi [[/notation in left margin]]
Afternoon [[red underlined]] long talk with Rossi about present problems [[/red underlined]] and more particularly [[red underlined]] Stauss & German Bakelite, [[/red underlined]] France and Japan.
[[vertical notation in left margin in red, underlined]] Japan [[/notation in left margin in red]]
Am sorry to hear that [[red underlined]] the Japanese have dismissed [[Kosanubu?]] [[red underlined]] after his long and faithful service and [[strikethrough]] seem [[/strikethrough]] that the younger generation of Jap. Bakelite and Sankyo seem to have side stepped the honorable ways of the original Takamine-Sankyo organization. All this is [[strikethrough]] very [[/strikethrough]] very unexpected. This evening alone for dinner at [[red underlined]] Snug Rock. Everything [[/red underlined]] and landscape in my quiet surroundings [[red underlined]] makes me think of our past present and future. [[/red underlined]]
[[vertical notation in left margin in red]] [[red underlined]] Retrospections [[/red underlined]] Celine [[/notation in left margin in red]]
Whenever I am thus alone [[red underlined]] I think of my luck: [[bold red underline]] Celine, [[/bold red underline]] my children and grandchildren [[/red underlined]] my many friends who by their example stimulated me in [[red underlined]] my [[/red underlined]] career, and - not least do I think of [[red underlined]] my very dear departed mother. [[/red underlined]] Celine's paintings [[strikethrough]] from [[/strikethrough]] made from subjects far and near remind me of her radiant personality as well as her skill and how happy she keeps in her growing years. An example to the children and grandchildren and all who know her
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[[overwritten]] 60 [[/overwritten]]
[[underlined]] July 28. [[underlined]] Today went to [[strikethrough]] see [[/strikethrough]] the [[red underlined]] Audio Productions Studio [[/red underlined]] which is a branch of Western Electric. Went with Alan Brown, to meet Messrs. Wilson and Snody who had interviewed me before my departure to make a talking movie about Bakelite and it's growth and beginnings.
[[vertical notation in left margin in red, underlined]] Bakelite Movie [[/notation in left margin in red]]
To impersonate me in my laboratory the part had been given to a certain Mr. Hesse - who they say is a Belgian and thus selected him because not only he has a bald head but also a chin beard and moustaches and is supposed to present me in my lab. explaining the invention of Bakelite. As soon as I heard his talk on the film his decided [[underlined]] German [[/underlined]] accent made me feel that [[red underlined]] he is no Belgian but a German [[/red underlined]] - probably a jew. But he plays the part well, explaining to a reporter what Bakelite is and can do etc. Then came the several applications of Bakelite and its manufacture.
The whole film however lacks the dignity of the film on the same subject our British-Bakelite friends brought out about 2 years ago. This evening before taking my train made a short stop at the Chemists Club where I met several old friends. 
[[underlined]] July 29 [[/underlined]]
At office.
[[underlined]] July 30. [[/underlined]] Discussing the [[red underlined]] Catolin [[/red underlined]] situation with Rossi, I find no progress has been made since my departure for Europe. - This seems dangerous and a meeting with Barus etc. should be arranged as soon as possible.