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I also learn that the [[red underlined]] man [[/red underlined]] at the head of [[red underlined]] Luxene [[/red underlined]] has shown lack of fitness and [[red underlined]] has the dangerous tendency of opposing [[/red underlined]] himself, if anybody shows initiative or attends to his work where he is away.  This is very dangerous, and must be watched.  So today at the directors meeting of [[red underlined]] Luxene [[/red underlined]] the matter was discussed and let him understand he must change his attitude.
Saturday [[underlined]] July 31. [[/underlined]]  Spent all day writing up my belated notes, while listening to our new Radio  80°F & sultry
[[underlined]] Aug. 1 (Sunday) [[/underlined]]  Writing letters & notes.  Dick out; so is Frieda.  This afternoon, for first time since I left Florida had again [[red underlined]] considerable loss of blood from hemorhoids. [[/red underlined]]
[[underlined]] Aug 2. [[/underlined]]  Remained at Snug Rock to continue belated correspondence and notes. - Beautiful day.
[[left margin in red]] 20000$ for Movie [[/left margin]]
Have come to conclusion that the [[red underlined]] Bakelite-Movie - which Alan Brown has ordered and will cost us $20000.00 [[/red underlined]] - is decidedly inferior to the [[strikethrough]] Engs [[/strikethrough]] one made in England.  It lacks ^the dignity and careful selection and preparation of the English film.  Tried to get him at the phone but he is away. - [[red underlined]] Told George [[/red underlined]] my opinion and he is entirely of the same point of view, to which he arrived before I had seen the picture.
[[underlined]] Aug 3 [[/underlined]]  Bothered again with [[red underlined]] bleeding [[/red underlined]] this morning.  Arranged for interview and examination with Dr. J.M. Montague N.Y [[red underlined]] Intestinal [[/red underlined]] Sanitarium 139 East 36 str.
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[[left margin]] [[red underlined]] Dr. Montague [[/red underlined]] [[/left margin]]
[[underlined]] Aug 4. [[/underlined]]  At 10 A.M. interview with [[red underlined]] Dr. Montague, [[/red underlined]] in relation to my blood loss from [[red underlined]] hemorhoids. [[/red underlined]]  (See Who's Who in American and author of several books on intestinal troubles.  He looks much younger than I imagined and makes good impression.  Told him about my troubles and how in the morning when going to W.C. I had first blood [[red underlined]] squirting [[/red underlined]] in a stream during 10 to 15 minutes, followed by further loss, in repeated squirts of short duration, produced by my voluntary contractions of the anus and [[red underlined]] sphincter; [[/red underlined]] then followed by dropwise [[red underlined]] bleeding. [[/red underlined]] Typical is the following:
7.20 A.M.  Squirting starts after evacuation and occurs in a thin stream, continuous until:
7.27 A M, then intermittent squirts activated by my voluntary contractions of anus and sphincter every 3 seconds until:
7.30 A.M. then further same way, every 3 [[strikethrough]] 10 [[/strikethrough]] seconds contraction; then till
A.M. 7.35 every 10 seconds contraction; then dropwise (passive) 1 drop per second till
7.50 A.M. stops for a while; then some more squirts when I contract sphincter thus compressing protruding lobe.  Then bleeding ceases.
But at 7.55 A.M starts again squirting on contracting sphincter
8.A.M. still some small drops.
Stops entirely at 8.10 A.M.
[[red underlined]] Dr. Montague [[/red underlined]] examined me, pulse (88 per minute as usually).  Blood pressure somewhat below normal as has been the case since at least 2 years.  [[red underlined]] Advises on operation [[/red underlined]] on the anus, which he examined
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