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[[strikethrough]] 19/ [[/strikethrough]]
[[underlined]] future [[/underlined]] [[red underlined]] of our children [[/red underlined]] and grand'children and their charming mother and grand'mother, who means so much to them. One cannot think well and remember the details of the past and present and dream of the future, when one is interrupted by talk or company.
[[underlined]] Nov. [[overwritten]] 26 [[/overwritten]] 27 [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Nov. 27 [[/underlined]] Baekeland Roll came here for luncheon. Had not seen the boy [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] since a long time. He is now 13 years old but is decidedly taller than I, and looks very healthy. He is doing well in his studies at school. Makes the impression of a steady quiet boy, not brilliant but reliable and good character. As it rained spent the time with him in my study room, showing him old photographs of the family and some old letters, and [[strikethrough]] souve [[/strikethrough]] souvenirs. In doing so was astonished myself [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] in seeing my old note books while I was a student at the University, also at the Technical School etc. My writing was incomparably better than today. Showed him also several old family heirlooms and samples of early products made from Bakelite.
[[underlined]] November 26 [[/underlined]] Dickie Baekeland arrived last night, with Celine, to spend the day here. She looks healthy and cheerful and is much wide-awake and as ever a [[strikethrough]] vo [[/strikethrough]] voracious reader. [[strikethrough]] Str [[/strikethrough]] Except for her blueish eyes she looks more like Nina at her age than like her mother. She certainly is full of life. Tonight she returns to her mother, to leave on Saturday morning, ^[[or Sunday,}} for her school in Pennsylvania.
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[[underlined]] Sunday, [[/underlined]] Nov. 28. - Rainey, drab day.
[[underlined]] Nov. 29. [[/underlined]] At office. Rossi shows me Catalin contract - very verbose and long, covering many pages. Took it along to study.
[[underlined]] Nov 30 [[/underlined]] Discussed Catalin Contract with Rossi. He thinks it favorable and its length is due to the fact that the whole verbiage of previous Catalin licenses to Dupont etc. has to be reproduced. He says Barus and the Catalin patent lawyers as well as Brannon have been consulted.
[[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Nov 31 [[/underlined]] [[/strikethrough]][[underlined]] Dec. 1. [[/underlined]] The newspapers announce a new arbitrary ruling from the U.S. Tax Dept that tax returns shall have to be accompanied by a true description of all property, real estate, values etc. of the taxpayer. - This arbitrary decision, which seems contrary to citizen's right, according to the U.S. Constitution is raising considerable protest.
[[underlined]] Dec 2. [[/underlined]] At office. Am notified by Concannon of the Dept of Commerce that [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] a broadcast on the discovery of Bakelite dramatised will be given over the network of Columbia Broadcasting Station, W.A.B.C. from coast to coast on Dec. 7, afternoon from 4:30 P.M to 5:00 P.M.
[[strikethrough]] Dec 3 [[/strikethrough]] Dec 3 = At office. Afternoon went with Mr. Blunt to see the German film about Bakelite at the 20th Century Fox Audio productions 250 West 57 street. The film is excellent, made in Germany, and 

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