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Bad news also from [[underline]] Czekoslovakia. [[/underline]] Britain has withdrawn support and France is preparing with Russia to resist [[red and black underline]] Hitler [[/red and black underline]] and his army entering Czekoslovakia. 
[[vertical note in left margin]] [[red underline]] Hitler [[/red underline]] [[/vertical note in left margin]]  
Papers announced 500 killed by storm. Floods still persisting. Many are homeless. 
[[red and black underline]] Sept 23. [[/red and black underline]] At Snug Rock. Further reports of [[red underline]] Hurricane [[/red underline]] describe more destruction by inundation. Death casualties rated at 600 or over. Destruction of electric light and telephone wires. [[red underline]] Brooksie arrived in Cambridge, [[/red underline]] but everything upset there also. His trunks etc undelivered on account of flood on railroads etc. 
[[vertical note in left margin]] [[double red underline]] Hurricane [[/double red underline]]
[[/vertical note in left margin]] 
Nina's eldest son arrived at his new school in Connecticut, after which the building became isolated an inaccessible on account of the flood waters. 
[[underline]] Sept 24. [[/underline]]  Celine went for luncheon at George's house of George in Connecticut. - There also, the hurricane has done much [[strikethrough]] ho [[/strikethrough]] harm felling most of the old stately trees. 
Radio news brings us further news of [[red underline]] impending [[black underline]] war [[/red underline]] [[/black underline]] in [[underline]] Czekoslovakia [[/underline]] 
Here a wonderful beautiful day in Yonkers. A contrast to the sombre approach of a new World-War caused by that 
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hopeless crazy fanatic [[red and black underline]] Hittler [[/red and black underline]] helped and led by that brute [[red and black underline]] Mussolini [[/red and black underline]]. 
[[underline]] Sept 25 Sunday [[/underline]] Another admirable Autumn day. Celine and myself alone had another conversation as to the future of our children and grand-children in this queer warlike world and its politicians: Celine went for [[strikethrough]] visit the Mr & [[/strikethrough]] dinner at Georges. Afternoon had the visit of Mr. [[underline]] Grenade, [[/underline]] councillor to Belgian Ambassy, his wife and Mr. [[red and black underline]] Pirenne, [[/red and black underline]] who got his D.Sc. at the University of Liege, who comes to America to study physical chemistry at Princeton University. This tall young man makes a very good impression.
Showed them my winemaking in the cellar and submitted samples for their competent criticism. A pleasant afternoon. 
[[underline]] Sept 26. [[/underline]]  At office. Another beautiful day 
Celine came to fetch me at office. 
[[note in left margin]] (85.383) [[/note in left margin]] 
I Reserved room at Seneca Hotel [[underline]] Rochester [[/underline]] for Oct 12-13 & 14 - Meetings of [[red and black underline]] Electrochemical Society. [[/red and black underline]]  
[[underline]] Sept 27. [[/underline]] Tension as to [[red and black underline]] approaching war [[/red and black underline]] is increasing: [[vertical note in left margin in red]] War [[/vertical note in left margin in red]] 
Great Britain doing its utmost to avoid it. France etc. calling its army for action etc
[[underline]] Sept 28. [[/underline]]  Opening exercises at [[underline]] Columbia [[/underline]] 
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