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find a method for the synthetic production of single chain hydrocarbons. Aiming at the synthesis of Crotonylen CH[[subscript]] 3[[/subscript]] C ≡ C-CH[[subscript]] 3[[/subscript]] starting from Ehtylene Bromide. I obtained vinylbromide a rather volatile substance of which I obtained a few cubic centimeters which I put in a sealed test tube and which I found some year or two afterward had polymerised in a hard [[strikethrough]] porcelan [[/strikethrough]] contracted cylinder, looking like white porcelan, surrounded by a colorless liquid, which seemed to have separated by polymerisation 
[[vertical note in left margin]] Vinyl-resins I made in Ghent [[/vertical note in left margin]] I made these remarks in relation to an excellent paper by Dr. H.R [[strikethrough]] Dittar [[/strikethrough]] Dittmar of the Dupont de Nemours Co, in collaboration of D.E. Strain & R. Grice Kennely of the same company. [[vertical note in left margin]] [[underline]] Rochester [[/underline]] [[/vertical note in left margin]]
- on Methacrylic Ester Resins, illustrated by some beautiful samples, crystal-clear in appearance and resembling [[strikethrough]] gl [[/strikethrough]] colorless glass. 
[[strikethrough]] [[underline]] Oct 13 [[/underline]] [[/strikethrough]] 
After luncheon we were driven to the works of [[large blank space]] then after to the Research laboratories of Eastman Co. where I met Dr. Shepard and some other acquaintances. [[strikethrough]] Also [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] Oct. 14 [[/underline]] Left Rochester 9:16 AM arrived in Yonkers 4:55 P.M [[end page]] 
[[start page]] 
Tooth pain almost gone. Beautiful Indian Summer scenery along the Hudson. At Snug Rock found [[underline]] Dicky [[/underline]] who came to spend the evening and tomorrow with us. She has developed considerably and likes much her present school in New York. 
[[vertical note in left margin]] Dicky Baekeland [[/vertical note in left margin]] 
She is [[underline]] remarkably well informed on many matters and full of whit and repartee. [[/underline]]
[[underline]] Oct 15. [[/underline]] Little [[underline]] Freddy Baekeland [[/underline]] came to join his sister. [[vertical note in left margin]] Freddie Baekeland [[/vertical note in left margin]] The little man now 10 years old is quite remarkable for his age. Has quite some information, is gentle and restless at the same time and asks endless questions. [[underline]] Certainly wide awake. [[/underline]] Both left [[strikethrough]] to join [[/strikethrough]] at evening to join their mother.
[[underline]] Oct 16. Sunday [[/underline]] Another beautiful Indian Summer day. For first time since Oct 11, have put on my lower dental plate. Tooth pain is over.
Oct. 17. At office. [[strikethrough]] Geor [[/strikethrough]] George has again be approached by [[underline]] Col. Pope from Cyanamid Co. [[/underline]] The latter seems instructed by his company to offer us any reasonable advantages and leave full autonomy to Bakelite in the proposed combination. [[vertical note in left margin]] 86.346 Col. Pope. [[/vertical note in left margin]] 
Long talk with George discussing between ourselves, the advantages and disadvantages. We also consider whether Union Carbide would not be more

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