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to Harvard to continue his work there. - This is the happiest day I have had since many many months.
[[underlined]] [[strikethrough]] July [[/strikethrough]] June 27. [[/underlined]] Up early. Feel in excellent condition. Took a walk around my property. This morning had visit of Nina and her children. Beautiful weather cherries are ripe and excellent.
[[underlined]] June 28 [[/underlined]]  The impression of being again in my old surroungs is striking; specially after I have been kept so many days in Columbia Medical center surroundings. My hearing in both ears seems perfect. For the first time since many weeks I had the opportunity of listening to the radio.
[[underlined]] [[strikethrough]] July [[/strikethrough]] June 29. [[/underlined]] This morning, examination by Dr. Fowler at his office, at 9:30 AM. Reports further progress but wants to see me again on Saturday morning. Drove to office where I found George and Rossi and Mr. Horn our head accountant very busy with financial matters.  
[[left margin]] Am told business is doing well at Bakelite [[/left margin]]
Had a much needed haircut. Stopped about half an hour at University Club, then proceeded to Yonkers where had luncheon.
Never since I lived here have I seen such excellent and abundance around me in my garden
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Celine tells me the Japanese bugs, this year had arrived early before blossom time and the birds had killed them before they could damage
A Restful pleasant day.
[[underlined]] June 30. [[/underlined]] Very heavy rain this morning showing leaks in slate roof. Then clearing. Afternoon drove with Celine to purchase edibles in store nearby; then to Scarsdale where visited the son in law of Judge Ritter. Beautiful landscape everywhere. Feel like a new man
[[underlined]] July 1. [[/underlined]] Drove to Medical center for examination by Dr. Fowler. He says ear is making good progress but warns me about possible relapse. Next visit will be Wednesday.  Tells me in case any bad symptoms to call him up by phone.
Spent most of afternoon classifying old books, photos, letters etc.  
A pleasant evening on our lawn with Celine and her two dogs. The large black Newfoundlander looks as big as a small horse.
[[underlined]] July 2 [[/underlined]] (Sunday)  Admirable weather took a long walk around my neighborhood. Endless rows of motor cars going into the country with hammocks, tents, kitchen utensils etc. all to [[strikethrough]] q [[/strikethrough]]  enjoy the several holidays.
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