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to Yonkers. Do not feel tired.
[[underlined]] July 12. [[/underlined]]  
[[left margin]] 162.710 [[/left margin]]
Went to [[strikethrough]] Rock [[/strikethrough]]  Medical center. Dr. Fowler examined my left ear, and finds it in excellent condition. Tells me [[underlined]] no further visits are necessary. [[/underlined]] - Went to office where everybody very busy. Luncheon at University Club. Feel in excellent condition.
[[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] July 13. [[/underlined]] [[/strikethrough]]  
Dr. Fowler wants advice for construction of an otoscope where the light is conducted thru a specially curved rod made from polysterine or equivalents.
[[underlined]] July 13. [[/underlined]] [[ink smudge]] We [[/ink smudge]] Went to World' Fair.  Every day more interesting
[[underlined]] July 14. [[/underlined]] [[overwritten]] Fol [[/overwritten]] At office.  Following George's advice via Pennsylvania station and special trains to the Fair in about 10 minutes.  Cars are full but a very well behaved set of passengers. Trip costs only [[strikethrough]] 100 [[/strikethrough]] 10 cents and brings one right at its entrance.
Hence one can select walking or push waggon private, or take one of the little [[strikethrough]] trains that [[/strikethrough]] electric trains that run in various directions. Medical [[strikethrough]] exh [[/strikethrough]] exhibit, very vast and varied.  Very [[strikethrough]] in [[/strikethrough]]  intelligent selection of subjects, covering relating to health, the art of healing, pharmacology, sanitation etc. etc. All very
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well conceived and drawing large crowds.
Afterwards visited the enormous French exhibit well arranged and various interesting subjects. Took light luncheon from the balcony arranged restaurant in sight of the other national exhibits, and a variety of fountains. Went to Bakelite exhibit. Mr. Osborn whom I met there at my first visit was there, now helped by Joseph Herzog of [[strikethrough]] bor [[/strikethrough]] Bound Brook.  
[[left margin]] 4 P.M. [[/left margin]]
Quite a number of visitors. Our display was the most striking and drew much attention. Just when I was about to leave a young man who was in charge of the [[strikethrough]] ev [[/strikethrough]] exhibit of our competitors of [[blank space]] came to invite me to see his display of transparent colorless plastics as used for a motor car. He gave me his name as Henry J. Stauffer.
Went to rest in Belgian Pavillon restaurant. Very few customers but large number of visitors in the Belgian exhibit, principally its diamond workers and its Congo exhibit.
About 5 P.M took train for Pennsylvania Station, then in a bus to the University Club where Dick came to fetch me. Notwithstanding all my walking and visiting
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