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[[red underline]] Chemistry, physics, photography, steam engineering, [[/red underline]] all given free by the City. - The same as exist here in New York City at the Cooper Institute. - 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Baekeland experience in book learning [[/vertical note in left margin in red]] 
So that when I entered the [[red underline]] University [[/red underline]] of Ghent I was better prepared to follow the lectures than my fellow students, who [[strikethrough]] knew [[/strikethrough]] had learned bad latin and worse Greek etc. - [[strikethrough]] Once I was [[/strikethrough]] After entering at the University I surpassed them all; furthermore by giving some of the 'backward students, private lessons I [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] thus got an income that kept me along financially, without support of my parents. 
[[underline]] Sunday. Dec 10 [[/underline]] Since this morning have been indexing my diary. Celine went to Nina's for dinner. This evening read her some of the passages of my former note-books 
[[vertical red line in left margin marks the following lines of text:]] 
[[red underline]] It is like living again [[/red underline]] in 1933. War in [[strikethrough]] F [[/strikethrough]] little [[red underline]] Finland [[/red underline]] still going on. The Fins showing every courage against Stalin and his hordes. It looks now as if [[red underline]] Hitler [[/red underline]] got afraid of [[red underline]] Stalin [[/red underline]] and is clandestinely sending war weapons and supplies to the Fins. 
[[red x in left margin]]
[[/vertical red line in left margin]]
Wrote a letter to Mr. Lewis H. Brown president of Johns Mandeville Corporation, who has arranged a dinner for Thursday at the University Club [[strikethrough]] Nov [[/strikethrough]] December 14 with Winthrop W. Aldrich, Chase National Bank, John A. Brown President Socony Vacuum Oil, E.H. Butler [[strikethrough]] President [[/strikethrough]] publisher Buffalo Evg News, Melvin C. Eaton, Treas. of Norwich Pharmacal Co. N.Y Gould
[[end page]]
[[start page]]
[[note in top margin]]
Wrote long letter to Brooksie in [[red underline]] India. [[/red underline]] 
[[/note in top margin]]
President, Gould Pumps, Inc. 
Armory Houghton, President Corning Glass works, Col. Wm Kelly President Buffalo Niagara & Eastern Power Co
Frank W. Lovejoy Pres. Eastman Kodak Co. - Harold Stone, Pres. Onondaga Savings Bank, Frederick E. Williamson Pres. - N.Y Central R.R. 
Wrote him excusing myself because I am preparing to leave for Florida
[[underline]] Dec 11. [[/underline]] Went to office. [[red underline]] George [[/red underline]] seems cheerful in his new duties, of Bakelite & Union carbide.
[[underline]] Dec 12. [[/underline]] All day at Snug Rock. With Dick examined when, where and how to place fire-extinguishers at Snug Rock.
Beautiful sunny day. Afternoon went to see Hacket at Riverdale School to let him taste a sample of the Portwine I intend to send to meeting of "Older Graduates" of Columbia. U.
Evening Celine and I while listening to Radio [[strikethrough]] were [[/strikethrough]] were giving our [[red underline]] reminiscences [[/red underline]] of younger years. Talking about present and future of our clan of which we are now the ancestors. Cheerful thoughts at [[red underline]] past and present. - [[/red underline]]
[[underline]] Dec 13. [[/underline]] Went to inquire for [[red underline]] rope [[/red underline]] ladders as fire-escapes. Then to office to sign a heap of trust fund papers for [[strikethrough]] members of [[/strikethrough]] members of our family. - [[strikethrough]] Yes [[/strikethrough]] 

Transcription Notes:
verified Socony Vacuum Melvin C. Eaton was eventually director of Norwich Pharmacal Co., but I can't make out the word right after his name It's "Gould" of Gould Pumps, Inc. mentioned on the following page.

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