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its [[red underline]] present heads are creating scholarships in large numbers so as to pick out the best younger chemists to become later [[/red underline]] on the men to continue new developments in chemical and related industries. - More snow today 
My [[strikethrough]] "truss" [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] abdominal truss, [[/red underline]] corrected by Pomeroy yesterday [[red underline]] causes considerable pain on my back skin. [[/red underline]] 
[[vertical note in left margin]] Horrible truss as prescribed by Dr. Betts! [[vertical note in left margin]] 
[[underline]] Jan 6 [[/underline]] = [[strikethrough]] Sunday. [[/strikethrough]] Saturday - Went to office this morning to write a letter to the head of the Chemical Engineering department of Yale University to write him at his request, the career of W.T. Barrett of the Union Carbide Co. He has been proposed for an honorary D.Sc. at Yale. - So I wrote a long letter concerning his brillant and useful career. Went for dinner at University Club where I met many dear friends I had not seen for a long time. - Afternoon there was a lecture by Fred. Collin Walcott who I have not seen since many year. Lecture well attended. He had just returned from the belligerent countries of Europe in collaboration [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] with Hoover. 
[[underline]] Jan 7. [[/underline]] [[strikethrough]] Anoth [[/strikethrough]] (Sunday). Another sunny but snow and ice-covered day, and some more packing for Fla. The new Truss furnished a few days ago by Pomeroy company, causes me [[red underline]] considerable discomfort and pain [[/red underline]] Spent most of the day in further packing for Florida and in indexing my notes. Celine this afternoon went to Nina and her children. [[underline]] [[strikethrough]] Jan 8 [[/strikethrough]] Jan 8. [[/underline]] Got to Pomeroy Co. to have my [[red underline]] truss [[/red underline]] adjusted 
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Gave me an intelligent man who seemed disgusted at the stupid mending had been done by another Pomeroy employe. Made me an entirely new and better truss. - No charge. 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Barret [[/vertical note in left margin in red]] 
[[red underline]] Visited Barret. Told him George [[/red underline]] feels happy in the new combination of directors of Bakelite. I told [[red underline]] Barret about the letter [[/red underline]] I have written to the head of Chemical Engineering division of Yale; as a requested endorsement for [[strikethrough]] ho [[/strikethrough]] the honorary doctors degree Harvard wants to give [[red underline]] Barrett. [[/red underline]]. 
[[underline]] Jan 9 [[/underline]] More beautiful snow. The whole landscape and the Hudson are well covered white. Went [[red underline]] to office to sign a codicil to my will [[/red underline]] X [[underline]] See also next page [[/underline]] continued
[[underline]] Jan 10. [[/underline]] Left for Florida, to catch 1 P.M. [[red underline]] Seaboard Air Line [[/red underline]] (Diesel). Had sent my heavy trunk in advance. - Dick managed to 
1. place in Celine's motor car the following luggage:
2/ An old large leather german square valise to hold my notebooks
3/ Large square yellow leather valise
4/ Leather Hatbox
5/ Small brown valise
6/ Brief case
7/ Old English woven raincoat with inside impervious lining
8/ Horn spectacles
10/ Bunches of [[strikethrough]] Keeys [[/strikethrough]] Keys
11/ Shaving outfit
12/ Night gown, & extra linen etc

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