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behind the [[strikethrough]] former [[/strikethrough]] cottage formerly occupied by Bryans daughter. (Curry. [[red underline]] Curry. [[/red underline]]) He was formerly engaged by the [[red underline]] Welsbacht Light [[/red underline]] Co. Knows Dr. [[red underline]] Whitaker [[/red underline]] very well and the others then engaged by Welsback Co [[underline]] Saturday 19. [[/underline]] - All day at home. Bright weather but [[red and black underline]] cold. [[/red and black underline]] [[vertical note in left margin in red]] [[red underline]] cold! [[/red underline]] [[/vertical note in left margin in red]] Northerly 54°F. - Lower in some other parts of Southern Florida 
[[in left margin]] !! [[/in left margin]] 
[[underline]] "Frost proof" [[/underline]] - town = 28 Tampa = 29 etc etc 
[[overwritten]] 20 [[/overwritten]] 19 - Our [[red underline]] Floor tiles [[/red underline]] - composition [[red underline]] curling [[/red underline]] up and detach themselves from underlying cement floor on account of their exposed upper surface drying out by the dry cold air. 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] [[red underline]] cold! [[/red underline]] [[/vertical note in left margin]] 
- The trouble seems to be that the new red composition tiles have a porous surface which leaves access to moist atmosphere when they are laid in the layer of [[strikethrough]] do [[/strikethrough]] black sticky adhesive. - When the air gets very dry and cold as happens in the early winter months, the [[strikethrough]] in [[/strikethrough]] inside moisture escapes [[strikethrough]] in the tele [[/strikethrough]] trough the porous upper surface of the tile and curls upwards. [[vertical note in left margin in red]] Floor tiles curl again [[/vertical note in left margin]] 
At the same time the black adhesive below solidifies becomes brittle and the tile lifts itself. If one tries to flatten it it breaks off. - This is mostly the case with the new red large [[strikethrough]] sq tiles " + [[/strikethrough]] square tiles. 
[[red underline]] All this is not merely theory but strict observation. [[/red underline]] I can reverse the observation by simply 
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passing a wet sponge over the exposed surface and applying one or 2 wet newspaper sheets above them. [[red underline]] Within an hour the tile becomes flat; ready to curl [[/red underline]] up again when the wet paper is removed. 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Tile troubles! [[/vertical note in left margin]] 
- I can get the same effect without using a wet newspaper. - If I simply wet the upper surface of the curled tile then put a enamelware bowl over it, so as to [[strikethrough]] maintain [[/strikethrough]] restore [[underline]] and maintain [[/underline]] ^[[a]] humid atmosphere the tile flattens in about half an hour; [[strikethrough]] ready [[/strikethrough]] but ready to curl up again after the cover is removed. - All this does not occur [[strikethrough]] after [[/strikethrough]] ^[[during]] the [[strikethrough]] cold dry weather ceases and [[/strikethrough]] ^[[during]] the damp spring or summer season. 20. 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Wm D. Barrett [[/vertical note in left margin]]
Received a few days ago letter from [[strikethrough]] Dr. B.J. Dec [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] Dr. Barnett [[/red underline]] F. Dodge of Yale University, Professor of Chemical Engineering as follows: Jan 10-1940. Dear Dr. Baekeland - I wish to acknowledge with gratitude your fine letter of [[underline]] Jan 6 [[/underline]] written in response to my request for a statement about [[red underline]] Dr. William F. Barrett, [[/red underline]] to support my recommendation of him for an honorary degree.  I feel sure that [[red underline]] your letter will have great influence and bolster my case before the Committee [[/red underline]] on [[red underline]] Honorary Degrees. [[/red underline]] - Sincerely yours, [[red underline]] Barnett F. Dodge [[/red underline]]