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Wrote a letter to Dr. Boonroy of Antwerp.
[[underline]] Jan 21 [[/underline]] [[red underline]] Cold again [[/red underline]] but no freezing. [[red underline]] Cold temperature seems to extend over the whole [[/red underline]] U.S Wrote [[red underline]] long letter to Manville [[/red underline]] Corporation telling me about our troubles with their tiles, which curl and get loose in cold dry weather. - [[red underline]] Celine [[/red underline]] writes she is [[red underline]] arriving here on Jan. 29. [[/red underline]] and that George has been ill in bed with cold and fever during whole week
22/ another letter from [[red underline]] Celine that she has postponed departure [[/red underline]] for several days. having many things to attend.
[[vertical note in left margin underlined in red]] Johns Manville Asbestos Co [[/left margin]] [[underline]] Jan 22. [[/underline]] Wind has changed to rain and brings forth a less cold temperature [[red underline]] Strong rain [[/red underline]] helps much in this. [[underline]] Jan 23. [[/underline]] Cloudy and raining but [[red underline]] temperature is more comfortable. [[/red underline]] Have written a [[red underline]] long letter to Johns ^[[Manville]] Asbestos [[/red underline]] Co in New York in which I describe our troubles here in dry cold weather when our asbestos floor tiles curl up and detach themselves. and suggesting means for avoiding this trouble. Am undertaking an experiment by making a mixture of water with about 5% or 10% glycerine to be spread on the upper surface of the tiles after they have been laid.
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Tiles [[left margin in red]] This will prevent surface drying of the tile and the resulting drying. Andrew so treated some
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\14 of the curled up tiles. - They soon flattened and looked as if nothing had happened to them All day intermittent rain.
[[underline]] Jan 24 [[/underline]]. Brighter weather but tiles [[red underline]] curl up again [[/red underline]] notwithstanding application of mixture of water & glycerine.
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Tiles [[/left margin]] [[underline]] Jan. 25 [[/underline]] Cold and bright.- Schools are closed. [[red underline]] Tiles curl up [[/red underline]] badly [[strikethrough Ion Ion [[/strikethrough]] ION has been varnished yesterday
[[underline]] Jan 26 [[/underline]] [[red underline]] Continued cold [[/red underline]] but dry and bright with Northerly winds but several degrees above zero. [[red underline]] Keep rooms warm [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] with [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] with electric stoves and [[/red underline]] Kerosene stoves. - In main room most floor tiles are loose and curled up. Its 9.P.M. Have just [[red underline]] finished indexing [[strikethrough]] my [[/strikethrough]] entirely my notebook [[/red underline]] 55 beginning Jan 1935 and ended Dec 31. -1935.
[[red underline]] Jan. 27. [[/red underline]] 38°F this morning at 8AM. Bright Northerly. Beautiful but [[red underline]] cold! [[/red underline]] Tropical landscape [[red underline]] but no frost as in northerly or Westerly [[/red underline]] Florida  [[underline]] Jan 28 [[/underline]] (Sunday) Bright & cold then Northerly winds. - [[red underline]] Some plants have been affected. [[/red underline]] At 6 P.M. absolute calm [[underline]] Jan 29. [[/underline]] Quite cold. - [[red underline]] Schools have been ordered to close today [[/red underline]] and tomorrow!
[[underline]] Jan 30. [[/underline]] Much [[red underline]] dammage done by night frost. Our sunheating outfit has [[/red underline]] been frozen and is [[red underline]] busted, [[/red underline]] the water spurting from the frame into the patio. [[Two red exclamation points in left margin]] [[red underline]] Farmers  and planters are losing much by the "freeze" Want help from Washington for  [[/red underline]] replanting. [[note in left margin]] 169.451 [[/left margin]]
[[vertical note in left margin in red]] Frost [[/left margin]] - Today bright and mild weather. - [[red underline]] First time since [[/red underline]]
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