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80/ [[underline]] July 1. [[/underline]] Went to office and wrote a [[red underline]] letter to Davison of Canadian Bakelite [[/red underline]] Co, to ask his [[red underline]] cooperation [[/red underline]] for arrival of Mr. [[red underline]] Flowerdew Lowson' son [[/red underline]] and [[red underline]] daughter [[/red underline]] now in England but preparing to go to Canada during the war. [[vertical in left margin]] Daughter is 16 Son is 18 } [[bracket encompasses the previous 2 sentences]] Lowson's [[/vertical in left margin]] [[underline]] July 2. [[/underline]] = Beautiful day. Went to the Fair to see some exhibits I had not yet visited. - [[red underline]] Further bad news from the war. [[/red underline]] to which Rumania, Russia etc. have added more quarrels among themselves. - [[red underline]] No news yet from our family in Europe. [[/red underline]] Germans seem to have cut off all correspondence since a long time [[underline]] July 3 [[/underline]] Went to see [[red underline]] Dr. Hixson at his [[/red underline]] office at Columbia. Met there the son of the Farm chemirgic. [[strikethrough]] Met also [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] Walked [[/red underline]] from Columbia to [[red underline]] University Club [[/red underline]] [[underline]] July 4. [[/underline]] National holiday. Stayed at Snug Rock with Celine. No longer that nuisance of firecrackers of former times except a few towards evening. At Snug Rock all day
[[underline]] July 5 [[/underline]]. Ditto. [[red underline]] Situation between France [[/red underline]] and England, since the French losing [[strikethrough]] his [[/strikethrough]] their battleships to the Germans and [[strikethrough]] having [[/strikethrough]] the [[red underline]] offices and sailors [[/red underline]] have [[red underline]] surrendered to Germany. [[/red underline]] But the British fearing that Germany intends to use the French battleships again Brittain have now seased there battleships and bombarded some others. The surrendered [[red underline]] French commanders are now joining the Germans [[/red underline]] in  [[red underline]] denouncing the [[/red underline]] British. The [[red underline]] Italians [[/red underline]] of course [[red underline]] join [[/red underline]] the [[red underline]] Germans [[/red underline]] in [[red underline]] denouncing. [[/red underline]] Meantime [[end page]] [[start page]] \81  some fights go on in the French possessions of Africa. [[underline]] July 5 [[/underline]] At Yonkers all day. Celine Roll came to visit at noon. Fine serious steady girl. - She has to go to dentist [[underline]] July 6. [[/underline]] Bright and cold. [[red underline]] Celine left for her camp. [[/red underline]] - I went to New York to Century Club and to University Club. [[vertical in left margin in red]] Morsemere section [[/vertical note in left margin]] [[underline]] July 7 [[/underline]] (Sunday) Dick asked day off. [[strikethrough]] So we I was a [[/strikethrough]] Servants out also this afternoon. - The Radio and the newspaper were my companions Also [[red underline]] made a promenade around several nearby sections of the Morsemere section. - Many charming [[/red underline]] cottages nicely surrounded with trees, and flowers. [[red underline]] Celine [[/red underline]] is in her [[red underline]] camp, [[/red underline]] in the [[red underline]] Adirondacks. [[/red underline]] [[underline]] July 8. [[/underline]] [[red underline]] Dick [[/red underline]] drove me around in our car, to [[red underline]] Hasings [[/red underline]] and [[red underline]] Dobbs Ferry [[/red underline]] among the [[red underline]] many charming properties so well kept [[/red underline]] and cheerful looking landscape. - It is so long since I went that way [[underline]] July 9. [[/underline]] Got a [[red underline]] letter [[/red underline]] from W. Mortimer [[red underline]] Davidson, [[/red underline]] who is a the head of Canadian Bakelite. - Have [[red underline]] sent a copy [[/red underline]] to Celine and one to [[red underline]] Flowerdew Lowson [[/red underline]] in England (by Air Mail) [[vertical in left margin in red]] Lowson [[/vertical in left margin in red]] Two of his grandchildren, a girl [[red underline]] 18 [[/red underline]] years old and a boy [[red underline]] 16 [[/red underline]] years are preparing themselves to take a steamer, to bring them in Canada dudring the duration of the War. Celine has already made arrangements so that they can stay at her camp in the Adirondacks for a few days before they leave for Canada. 

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Flowerdew Lowson is correct.

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