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This afternoon went to examine [[strikethrough]] th [[/strikethrough]] my yacht the ION in relation to engine and equipment to instruct S. Celine tells me she had been at our bank at Coconut Grove and the man in charge told her that Murray, who had arranged a joint account which I had created for payment to the men employed by me or other expenses, [[underlined]] had drawn out all the money [[/underlined]] without I knowing anything about it. -
[[strikethrough]] Nina [[/strikethrough]] Celine, out for dinner at Mathesons. Straight rascal-trick, which became possible after I trusted him enough to open a joint account to simplify payment to our men, or purchase of necessary things.
See pages 8 & 9 from black leather covered notebook No 61. All these notes got somewhat mixed up since one of the notebooks which got astray, while I was busy with so many matters. 
^[[1941]] [[underlined]] Tuesday March 4 [[/underlined]]
This morning arrive by Clyde Line passenger boat ^[[S.S. Swanee N.Y]] from 
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[[strikethrough]] New York. [[/strikethrough]] 
[[vertical note in left margin in red]]
Paul Schmidike [[/left margin]]
The man I had engaged after Celine met him in New York accompanied by his wife, his child, and his dog. His name is [[black and red underlined]] Paul Schmidike, [[/black and red underlined]] Was born in Germany but settled in the U.S. with his family since his early child-years. Has served in the U.S. Coast guard here in Miami for quite some time. Studied engineering and navigation [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] for several years at Coconut Grove.
Got his honorable reserve and other certificates, after he resigned to marry. His wife who was used to town life and knew nobody here, induced him to resign from the coast guard and get a job in New York. After their child was born there they came to the conclusion that they had made a mistake to leave Coconut Grove which now showed more desirable surroundings for the  education of their little girl. They all made an excellent impression and were given the rooms formally occupied by Andrew. 
They seemed to like it very much. 
With Charles I drove him to New York for obtaining a
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