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this summer here making studies Etc & we hear that Hunter & Eady are to be in this quarter in 2 or 3 weeks. also a Mr [[Senitz?]] fm Philadelphia said to be very clever.  My engagments will keep me in Venice till about the middle of Nov. when I shall return to Rome by way of Milan Parma & Florence as I have taken a large studio for the winter & am in hopes to bring something to pass.  I am now hard at work in the galleries & Churches here making memorandums of Color that will serve me hereafter. - & such a field as Venice affords for this [[kind]] of study, indeed it is impossible to get an idea of the Venetian School until you see the large works of Veronese, Tintoretto, Raphael & others--till you come & visit the Ducal Palace & a few of the Principal churches.  Titian I think I have seen as well elsewhere if I except 3 or 4 pictures, but Bonifazio & others are only to be found on the walls of Venice.  Then independant of Art the City of the Sea is such a glorious place to spend a few months in.  No horses or carriages to annoy you--all quiet & meditative, the glidings from point to point in a gondola, Strolling at Evening in the gorgeous Piazza of S Mark listening to exquisite music of german bands. & gazing on beautiful women is my dear Jack the height of [[harmony?]]--my residence in Aquatic Venice I shall always look back to with pleasure.  It is not however the place to paint original pictures in--unless it is architectural Compositions.  Models etc are difficult to procure, it therefore is a place essentially for Copies & Sketches & of these there are no [[end?]].   I wish you to write me immediately upon the recpt of this & let me know all your plans & prospects.  What your hopes & wishes are respecting Italy. Tell me what Casilear is doing--also Healy & what news you get from the Artists of America