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[[right side]]
Cap. Supt. Office 15 Aug 53 
[[in pencil]][1853, Aug 17][[/pencil]]
[[Gen?]] P. G. Washington
Asst Sec. U.S. Treasury

My Dear Sir
  Much of my cement all the marble & many other supplies come from N.Y. or beyond there.
  I should like to be able to place funds in the Subtreasury at N York in order to pay for this - I should save a half of one percent to the creditors of the Government & save the U.S. the expense of bringing specie here--
  There was some difficulty with Maj [[Frazer?]] I understand that

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[[left side, pages between follow in the next image, pages in between may be missing]]

Specie directly to the employer at the end of the month.  This will [[prevent the?]] [[despicable?]] [[theory?]] at the Treasurer's doors & will save the time of the men also--but I hope to have no check [[strikethrough]] dis [[/strikethrough]] dishonored because it is below any limit.  The treasurer is better paid for keeping the money than we are for [[divining?]] the ways & means of spending it judiciously & economically  We have enough to do.  Let him keep it all.
Very Respectfully Yours
M. C. Meigs
 [[?]] in [[which Cap Supt?]] & [[Wash?]] [[agreement?]]

[[in pencil at left]] Q M General & Maj. Gen [[/in pencil at left]]

Transcription Notes:
The first page is the one on the right, when folded and ready to be sent. It looks as if there is a leaf missing.