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[[underlined]] GHANA ELEPHANT GIFT - SYMBOL OF NATIONAL UNITY [[/underlined]]
"A lake where an elephant can swim and a lamb can wade" is how the Tolon Na a leader of the Opposition and elected ruler of 
1 1/2 million people, described MRA when giving this elephant to Dr. F. N. D. Buchman initiator of MRA at the Assembly of Nations, Mackinac Island.  (On his right) The Hon. Dowouna Hammon, a fiery member of Nkrumah's government party said that "the precious jewel" of freedom can only be held through "the unity of men of all political parties who have renounced self and live for the nation and the world."  Also in the picture of Ghana Parliamentarians are: (left to right) Hon. S. Yakubu, Hon. A. Tedam and behind Dr. Buchman is Hon. B. K. Adama, Opposite Chief Whip.

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