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Xenomaniac - mania for that which is foreign

Jan 1, 1936
On Board Pennsylvania train all day. Studied budgets - what a way to spend New Years. Train late into Washington but did get there at at 630. Clara had a fine new years dinner waiting & we remained at home in evening. Clara Jane left before I got ho[[me]]
Jan 2, 1936.
In office all day. Meeting of confe[[rence]] committee on program. Didn't get to touch the accumulated business there.
Jan 3, 1936
Darling in office. Does not look too well. All day at Conference Committee meeting in Silcox office and then in the Willard hotel. Had a fight with Tom Beck.
Jan 4, 1936
More of same. Had a fight with most of committee but it worked out O.K. Buher of Audubon Soc. Came home with me for dinner.
Jan 5, 1936
Washed up bird skins that have accumulated in past two months. Red [[?]] came & greens before I could get away. Left on 8pm train for New York.
Jan 6, 1936
At N.Y. Conference in morning with Osborne, Adams, Bump & Allen. Sort of put Bump on the spot.
In afternoon with Buher, Vogt & Eaton who weren't so nice. Clara Jane, Guy & Cora came to New York & we

Transcription Notes:
From Gabe was married to Clara Speer. They had four daughters, Clara Jane, Iris V., Dorothy Jean, and Grace Gail.