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Sept 1[[superscript]] 2 [[/superscript]] - Long section 1/4 mile S of Fossil Mtn. NW 1/4 30-225-14W.,
The Barn [[image of square]]. Section started in 
upper Wahwah. Collected [[Hesperonomicle?]] bed, about 1' thick at top of Wahwah.
[[?]] contained what appears to Orthambonites subalatus throughout and with Anomolorthis appearing at the top.
Kanoah is darker shale, begins with Anomalorthis, whish is common up to K-11. At the top of K-11 it is abundant. [[underlined]] O. Michaelis [[/underlined]] common into K-11 but does not extend to the top of that interval. It is especially abundant in K-10 and The lower half to 3/4 of K-11. A smaller Orthambonites appears at base of K-12. Desmorthis appeared at top of Kanosh.

Sept 1[[superscript]] 3 [[/superscript]] - Wahwah complete section Alternating limestones with cobbly beds, contained Hesperonomia, [[Tretbechia?]] and Syntrophopsis. We collected some silicified slabs. 

Fillmore formation and lower part of section well displayed on slopes of Mesa.