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Sept. 10

16-17 Tucki Mtn. & region 
Spent up to 2:00 PM in Death Valley then went to Mercury to check in. 

Sept 11
Ridge E of Frenchman Flat

Lower 75' Orthidiella zone with sparsely scattered specimens. Ingria present but rare. Great abundance of brachiopods in upper 50'-75'. Ectenonotus occurs in all parts of Orthidiella zone. 

Above Orthidiella dark granular rocks abound in Palliseria. Anomalorthis is common with and above Palliseria. Very top beds of Antelope Valley have Lichenaria and Eofletcheria. Rube also has identified Macrocoelia here. 

In ls in the Eureka quartzite a few brachiopods were seen which seem to be Valcourea and possibly Multicostella.