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abandoned our chances for Namuka & headed for Komo. Made the passage just after dark.  Willy & I went ashore, climbed over the island to this village on the opposite side & are now having a bit of yangona while the rain pours outside (shades of Tuvutha'!).  I hope we are not in for another long  spell of bad weather.  Christ -- here it is [[underline]] July! [[/underline]] -- the dry season should start soon!

I certainly enjoyed my visit with young Eason. He is as hospitable as Stockwell (though on less grand a scale -- thank God!) He will probably be away when we return but 
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Willy & I have orders to open his house and make free with everything.

I met the missionary, Mr. Green, twice. He is a pleasant sort.  I'm supposed to have dinner with him & his wife when I get back. How can I escape?

Young Stewart at the M-H store is a good fellow but very quiet. His father, as everyone in Fiji knows, is a grasping old bastard -- heartily disliked by Europeans & natives alike.  Here is a fair sample of his conduct.  Sukuna had to go to Suva in a hurry at the time of Roko's death.  He chartered the [[underline]] Lei [[/underline]] & had to pay for the [[underline]] round trip [[/underline]] @ [[$pound sign]] 4-0-0 per day.  Then, after arriving in 

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