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Later --
Just a postscript to let you know that it is raining like hell -- God damn it!


July 6th
Dear Ed --

Climbed over the limestone today for a total of over 12,000 paces -- and a lot of it short shots. I've just finished plotting & the map is beginning to look like something. Am afraid, however, that I shall [[underline]] not [[/underline]] be able to map a boundary between the basal, bedded form ls. & the reef ls. above -- exposures over most the interior are not satisfactory.  But we shall see. If I am held up long enough here I'll have every [[underline]] outcrop [[/underline]]

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Made an interesting find today -- an old [[underline]] cannon [[/underline]] lying on the reef flat close to shore.  I wonder what sailing ship or old man-o-war it came from? It is almost 3 1/2' long with a bore of about 5" -- now much encrusted naturally.  I think I shall report it to the Fiji Museum as they may have a chance to bring it in one day. -- Willy has just interviewed the old natives. One has heard the yarn that a two-master was wrecked there long ago -- before his time.

Rain again this afternoon & too windy to comply our bottom-sampling operations.  Also -- no canoe yet! A canoe arrived from Ongeo -- bound for Mothe.

We have a fair-sized yanjona

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