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rose & was very pleased with the present I gave him. 
Mine host at Ngalingali is going to make me a 2-foot model of the canoe I am sailing on & send it to me. The canoe ^ [[insertion]] (ours) [[/insertion]] is named the "Vuli Seri" ("hymn practice" - a queer canoe name, no?). If we ever get in a bad blow I shall start to "practice" with -
"Jesus loves me, this I know-
Mighty white of Jesus! 
He will wash me just like snow
Dirty, [[underline]] dirty [[/underline]] job - for Jesus!" 
So here we are on an uninhabited island.  Five people & 4 imperial gallons of drinking water. The tea was made
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tonight from the water in which the soup was heated. Of course there are plenty of coconuts & if the wind continues bad for Namuka we can always return to Kambara. 
There used to be a town here as the wrecks of larger houses testify. The two little pup-tent leaf shelters on the beach are more recent - nice & tight though infested with rats. The mosquitoes are getting bad so I'm for a walk & a smoke on the beach in the moonlight - how about joining me? 
Back again after a most beautiful stroll. Like our friend Smith "I can think of several people I'd enjoy strolling on this beach with"! - One in particular! And that reminds me - tomorrow you reach St. Louis! 
By golly, I [[underline]] almost [[/underline]] killed a