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[[vertical line in margin]] visiting. 
Early this morning I started to pace round the island but had to give up - as bad as the bad part of Namuka. It would take me 5 or 6 tides to encircle the island & I would have to have that dry canoe of ours accompany me. A mere outline map isn't worth it. [[/vertical line in margin]]
At noon the wind began to blow up strongly & a drizzle set in. We moved from the cave to a point across the bay where the captain had discovered an ancient leaf shelter. That now shelters our gear & the boys have built a new one for sleeping. Willy reckons we may be here a week but I, of course, am more optimistic!
The captain caught a 6 lb. rock
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cod this morning & his daughter & Willy & I collected chitons (shelled & soft), Turbos, Trochids, & Tridacnas - a royal feed! The daughter (believe it or not!) cleaned & washed the intestines of the cod & these were baked in the lovo as a special dish! I tried some. Not bad but along with turtle eggs I recommend them highly only to ship-wrecked & starving sailors!
I examined the SW bay while the boys did the house-building. One day & I've seen all I care to on [[underlined]] this [[/underlined]] island. In fact I'm pretty well fed up on all all-limestone islands! - Back to the volcanoes where a man can [[underlined]] raise [[/underlined]] some fossils!
No soil here at all, Ed! - just a mere pinch in a rock pocket here & there. Yet other evidence indicates