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moved down by the captain & sang Ise Li & other songs while Willy (the old hero!) and Tonga (the crew) broke out the Primus & made hot tea!
A half hour after clearing the passage the wind strengthened greatly. We sailed close hauled as the wind came just off the starboard bow - and [[underlined]] did we sail [[/underlined]] !! -- we [[underlined]] foamed along [[/underlined]] with the outrigger cutting capers! An hour later the wind moderated to just a nice sailing breeze & we ran over Mothe's reef, tacked past Karoni, & dropped anchor here at 1100 P.M. All in all it was a swell evening!
Landed here to hear loud singing. I thought it was a meke at first but it was a death chant for an old man who was buried here yesterday.  

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Willy has given me some hot soup and now I'm for bed as its 1225 AM
Cheerio --

Mothe, July 28th 
Dear Ed --

Awoke to heavy showers & a pile of wind. No chance to make Oneata so we unloaded all our gear & prepared for a day indoors. It cleared about noon but the wind is still high. Our canoe tried to take a fishing party to the windward reef at low tide but gave it up & returned to the village. I've spent most of the day reading and eating. Got [[underline]] Tarzan of the Apes [[/underline]] from Bob Evans &, except for [[insertion]] ^ some [[/insertion]] missing pages, finished it all! Followed with a wild tale called "The Avenging Ray"! - To such depths have my literary activities