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Vol. 2.
Daily lists of Hymenoptera. &c

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1st June 1926
[[underline]] Crabro leucostoma [[/underline]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]] hatched out of cocoons taken at large log at Altidore, Co. WI. on.

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2nd June 1926. Mayfield, Du.
An Ophionid ichneumon taken by George in jar.

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2/6/26. Ballyheay quarry. Co. WI. AWS.
Pemphredon shuckardi [[2 male symbols]], in lane: first time 1926.
[[underlined]] Odynerus pictus [[/underlined]] [[male symbol]] seen.
[[underlined]] Chrysis ignita [[/underlined]] seen: first time 1926. [[checkmark]]
[[underlined]] Bombylius canescens [[/underlined]] seen for first time 1926. [[checkmark]]
[[underlined]] Apoidea [[/underlined]  as before: [[underlined]] Halictus villosulus [[/underlined]], 1 [[female symbol]]. [[underlined]] Nomada ruficornis [[/underlined]] 1 [[female symbol]].
[[underlined]] Tenthredinidae [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Tenthredella livida [[/underlined]] [[checkmark]] RCLP. 1 [[male symbol]], "var. nov." (i.e. with black antenae)
[[underlined]] Tenthredo arcuata [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]] [[symbol for: therefore]] [[underlined]] Selandria serva [[/underlined]] [[checkmark]] RCLP. 1 [[female symbol]]
Lampria sp ?
[[underlined]] Selandria cinereieps [[/underlined]] [[checkmark]] RCLP 1 [[male symbol]]
[[underlined]] Nematus fuscipennis [[/underlined]] [[checkmark]] RCLP. [[2 male symbols]] at Alders. [[underlined]] Tomostethus luteiventris [[/underlined]] [[checkmark]] RCLP. 1 [[female symbol]]
[[underlined]] Pimpla rufata [[/underlined]] [[male symbol]] ?

Transcription Notes:
Checked species names, kept Stelfox's spelling, anything I'm unsure of is in [[?]] - list is below. &c = old way of writing etc. Ballyheay possibly = Ballyhea? Searched and searched for the following - Ichneumondiea = Ichneumonidae - transcribed as it appears to be written Pimpla [[rufalic?]] Ichneumon rufatus = Pimpla rufata

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