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4/6/26. W. of Arklow cont.

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5/6/26. (With R.A. Phillips) to Head of Glenmacnas waterfall & thence up Tonelagee, 2,686 ft. alt. C.W.1.
A most wonderfully sunny warm day!
Orange-tip ([[2 female symbols]]) & Green-veined white Butterflies common about Lough Ouler & up to 2,200 ft. A Painted Lady seen at about 2,400 ft. [[checkmark]]
[[underlined]] Andrena lapponica [[/underlined]] [[checkmark]] RCLP. a [[male symbol]] at about 2,200 ft.
[[underlined]] Bombus lucorum [[/underlined]] [[insertion]] ^ [[2 female symbols]] [[/insertion]] to about 2,500 ft. at [[underlined]] Vaccinium m. [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Dolerus aenus [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]] [[checkmark]] RCLP from water fall up to summit!
[[underlined]] Empria [[/underlined]] (cf. [[underlined]] tridens [[/underlined]], with short antennae, RCLP.) not far above waterfall.
[[underlined]] Pachynematus clitellatus [[/underlined]] 4 [[2 male symbols]] & 2 [[2 female symbols]] [[checkmark]] RCLP. [[2 male symbols]] = [[underlined]] xanthocarpus [[/underlined]] [[male symbol]] auct.
1 [[male symbol]] taken on lake shore at 1868 ft & one on moraine at ca. 2,000 ft 
[[2 male symbols]] not far above waterfall, I think. 
Braconid on lake shore 1868 ft.
Ichneumon mostly at 1500 to summit. 

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