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J. N. Halbert's Collecting 1927.

[[underlined]] Bethylus fuscicornis. [[/underlined]] Portmarnock, Du. 17.8.27. 
[[underlined]] Halictus albipes [[/underlined]] [[female symbol]]. Donabate, Du. 3.10.27. 
[[curly bracket encapsulating next 4 entries]]
[[underlined]] Glypta ceratites [[/underlined] 2 [[2 female symbols]]. ?
[[strikethrough]] G [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Lissonota commixta, [[/underlined]] [[female symbol]]. ?  
[[underlined]] L. basalis [[/underline]] [[female symbol]] ?
[[underlined]] Halictus albipes [[/underlined]] [[male symbol]].
[[/curly bracket]] Donabate, Du. 16.9.27. 

[[underlined]] Lissonota basalis [[/underlined]] ? 2 [[two female symbols]]. Finglas, Co. Du. 12.9.27.

[[curly bracket encapsulating next 5 entries]]
Crabro chrysostomus [[female symbol]]   
Halictus albipes [[male symbol]]   
Pachyprotasis  .
"Ichneumon" [[male symbol]]
Athalia lineolata 2 [[2 male symbols]]
[[/curly bracket]] Powerscourt D (1). Co. WI. 17.8.27.

Lissonota bellator [[male symbol]] 
" [[Ditto for: Lissonota]] parallela [[female symbol]]. ?  Halictus albipes [[2 male symbols]]
Glypta monoceros [[female symbol]] ? H. tumulorum.  Colletas picistigma [[male symbol]] & [[female symbol]].
Pachynematus myosotidis var. jaddachi Eustus [[checkmark]] RCLP. [[female symbol]]. "Ichneumon" [[female symbol]]

[[side note applying to above]]
Kilcool, Co. WI 17.8.27
[[/side note]]

[[line]]  [[line]]

Mellenis arvenis [[female symbol]]. Halictus albipes, fresh [[female symbol]]. 
Crabro leucostomus [[male symbol]]
Pimpla turionellae [[female symbol]]
& 4 other icks

[[side note applying to above]]
Powerscourt, Co. WI 25.8.27
[[/side note]]

Transcription Notes:
See @siobhanleachman (12 Feb) - I'm using to check species names and googling place names. Only done the first wee bit as I'm mainly working on his first volume at the mo. The I have some the majority of the proper Latin names down as well as all the right town names. The ones that really need reviewing have this next to them: (?) I have revise it to the best of my ability, finding a few errors you missed the first time, however there are a few marks at the end of certain words that I find difficult to read. Does the last line perhaps read, 'and 4 other ichs' referring to ichneumon wasps? it does look like a K, but ick doesn't seem to make sense to me either? @Tad

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