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J. N. Halbert's Collecting 1927.

[[underlined]] Bethylus fuscicornis. [[/underlined]] Portmarnock, Du. 17.8.27. 
[[underlined]] Halictus albipes [[/underlined]] [[female symbol]]. Donabate, Du. 3.10.27. 
[[curly bracket encapsulating next 4 entries]]
[[underlined]] Glypta ceratites [[/underlined] 2 [[2 female symbols]]. ?
[[strikethrough]] G [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Lissonota commixta, [[/underlined]] [[female symbol]]. ?  
[[underlined]] L. basalis [[/underline]] [[female symbol]] ?
[[underlined]] Halictus albipes [[/underlined]] [[male symbol]].
[[/curly bracket]] Donabate, Du. 16.9.27. 

[[underlined]] Lissonota basalis [[/underlined]] ? 2 [[two female symbols]]. Finglas, Co. Du. 12.9.27.

[[curly bracket encapsulating next 5 entries]]
Crabro chrysostomus [[female symbol]]   
Halictus albipes [[male symbol]]   
Pachyprotasis  .
"Ichneumon" [[male symbol]]
Athalia lineolata 2 [[2 male symbols]]
[[/curly bracket]] Powerscourt D (1). Co. WI. 17.8.27.

Lissonota bellator [[male symbol]] 
" [[Ditto for: Lissonota]] parallela [[female symbol]]. ?  Halictus albipes [[2 male symbols]]
Glypta monoceros [[female symbol]] ? H. tumulorum.  Colletas picistigma [[male symbol]] & [[female symbol]].
Pachynematus myosotidis var. jaddachi Eustus [[checkmark]] RCLP. [[female symbol]]. "Ichneumon" [[female symbol]]

[[side note applying to above]]
Kilcool, Co. WI 17.8.27
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[[line]]  [[line]]

Mellenis arvenis [[female symbol]]. Halictus albipes, fresh [[female symbol]]. 
Crabro leucostomus [[male symbol]]
Pimpla turionellae [[female symbol]]
& 4 other icks

[[side note applying to above]]
Powerscourt, Co. WI 25.8.27
[[/side note]]
Please note that some language in this collection may be culturally insensitive or offensive to some viewers. It is presented as it exists in the original document for the benefit of research. The material reflects the culture and context in which it was created and not the views of the Smithsonian Institution.