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2/7/26. Another glorious day, with never a cloud in the sky, but the daily E. breeze very strong & cool & very little flying, except [[underlined]] Hylaeus. [[/underlined]].
Askintinny, dunes & cliffs, S. of Arklow Rock. Co. WI.
[[underlined]] Colletes picistigma [[/underlined]], a few fresh [[2 male symbols]] on bank facing sea S. of cliffs at N. end of strand. 
[[underlined]] Hylaeus hyalinatus, [[/underlined]], in very great abundance, [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]] latter at Rubus, [[underlined]] Sedum anglicum [[/underlined]] & Jasione flowers, last just well out in places.
[[underlined]] Andrena sericea [[/underlined]], still a few old [[2 female symbols]] out.
" [[Ditto for: Andrena]] [[underlined]] gwynana [[/underlined]] [[2 female symbol]], of 2nd brood just out.
[[underlined]] Halictus rubicundus, H. villosulus, H. smeathmenellus, H. punctatissimus [[/underlined]] [[2 female symbols]], rare. [[underlined]] Sphecodes affinis [[/underlined]] [[checkmark]] RCLP. large [[female symbols]] " [[Ditto for: Sphecodes]] divisis seen ?
[[underlined]] Odynerus pictus [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]] seen.
[[underlined]] Chrysis ignita [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]] seen. [[underlined]] Crabro palmipes [[/underlined]] [[2 female symbols]].
[[underlined]] [[strikethrough]] [[Clampus anoatus?]] [[/strikethrough]] Hedychridium ardens [[/underlined]] !! [[checkmark]] R.C.L.P. One patured, one or two seen, on cliff NEW TO IRELAND! & sandy, banks round [[murasd?]] cottage further S.
[[underlined]] Pompilus plumbeus [[/underlined]] & [[underlined]] gibbus [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]].
[[underlined]] Ceropales maculata [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]].
[[underlined]] Acroricnus macrobatus [[/underlined]] [[male symbol]] taken at cliffs
& sent other spp of ichneumon.

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2/7/26. In house at Merton.

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3/7/26. Sand dunes [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] at Kilgorman, Co. WX. Another glorious day, with daily E. breeze; but trouble with motor prevented much being done.
[[underlined]] Andrena sericea [[/underlined]] [[female symbol]] still bay!
[[strikethrough]] Othya [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Crabro wesmaeli [[/underlined]], very common about [[underlined]] Emphorbia portlandia [[/underlined]] 
[[underlined]] Crabro [[/underlined]] sp. ? seen on Alder (or [[underlined]] Pemphrodon?).
[[underlined]] Pompilus [[/underlined]] sp. seen like [[underlined]] gibbus [[/underlined]], but could not capture.
[[underlined]] P. plumbeus [[/underlined]] [[2 male symbols]] & [[2 female symbols]] common.
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