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PagePlateClassObjectR.A.DecStartObs H.A.Obs DecStopExpDateMiscellaneous
68626μ Cephei0 53+81.305 424 49 W+81.307 42Dec 18 1895x 8626 1st movement of Var. star App. at 11:36 Bal. 103. Cor. (for Bal. 103) - 0.9s 1st Long break at 11:38 Bal. At 11:45 heavy haze passing over. Clear at 12:00. Moved R.A. slow motion - 2 rev. at 12:16 Bal. 103. Moved R.A. slow motion + 2 rev. at 12:41 Bal. 103. Closed at 13:36 Bal. 103. After drying dew off lens and resetting Var. Star. App., found region too hazy to warrant starting another exposure at present. At 9:30 finding that haze still continued and of constantly varying density, started a prism plate. *{ Plate 8626. Error of 12h in R.A. Identifies at 12h 53m +81.3°. Must have set dec. when telescope was on West side of pier. Then when swinging telescope to East side in order to set for U Cephei the dec. was wrong for U Cephei by 17.4° (or R.A. wrong by 12h) W.
68627ζ Urs Maj13 20+55.409 333 47 E+38.611 01Dec 18 1895x 8627 At 10:20 (Sid) moved R.A. slow motion - 2 rev. At time of close Sky 2S 6P.
68628Dunér 2510 33-12.911 070 34 W-12.911 21Dec 18 1895x 8628 Reversed film.
68629Dunér 2510 33-12.911 220 49 W-12.911 37Dec 18 1895
68630NGC 525313 34-31.111 391 55 E-31.111 59Dec 18 1895x 8630 Some haze in region.
68631NGC 525313 34-31.112 001 34 E-31.112 10Dec 18 1895

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